Preparing for Graduation

Cap and Gown Orders and Distribution

Ticket and Invitation Distribution

Bar Examinations

Graduates are reminded that they are responsible for meeting the registration and exam deadlines and other requirements for the particular Bar for which they are seeking admissions.

Contact Cynthia Juco, Senior Counselor in the Office of Student Affairs, if you have questions about the New York State Bar Examination.

Graduate Employment Survey

Graduates are required to complete the Graduate Employment Survey in order to receive your graduation tickets. The survey form contains an instruction sheet to assist you in completing the survey.

Completing the survey prior to your arrival to pick up your tickets will help speed you through the ticket pick-up process. A representative of the CPC will be at the Graduate Ticket Distribution for you to give your completed survey.

Please note: individual information reported on the survey will be kept confidential and will be used solely to compile aggregate data that the CPC and Fordham Law are obliged to collect.

Disability Accommodations

If you or any of your guests has a special need relating to the Americans with Disabilities Act, please complete the Disability Accommodations for Graduation Form.

Please note: The Law School does not provide wheelchairs. Individuals are responsible for bringing their own. All guests must have a ticket to attend the ceremony. Abel P. Móntez, Director of Student Affairs, will contact those individuals submitting such requests with special instructions for the day of the ceremony.

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