The Graduation Ceremony

Assembling to March for the Diploma Ceremony

Seating for your Guests

Commencement Address


Arrangements have been made with a professional photographer to take photos of each graduate as they receive their diploma. The company will contact you several weeks after graduation regarding your photograph and its purchase.

Please advise your guests that (1) an official photographer will photograph each graduate; (2) to be considerate of others taking photographs, and (3) they are not to go on stage or interfere with the photographer.

The Diploma

The language on the Fordham University School of Law Juris Doctor diploma is in Latin:

Curatores Universitatis Fordhamensis
Auctoritate Neo-Eboraci Suprema
Omnibus et Singulis Quorum Interest
Hisce Literis testamur nos (Name & Degree)
virum/feminam adprime dignum/dignam ac rite probatum/probatam, ad gradum
Juris Doctor
unanimi consensu promovisse eique jura nec non et privilegia
omnia ad eumdem gradum pertinentia dedisse et concessisse.
In cujus rei testimonium hocce Doctor Diploma communi
nostro sigillo et Rectoris Universitatis chirographo muniendum curavimus.
Datum in aula nostra academica apud Fordham in Statu
Neo-Eboracensi, die duodevicesima mensis Maii Anno Domini bis millesimo quintus decimo.

                               Joseph M. McShane, SJ                Michael M. Martin
                                      Praeses                                     Decanus

The English translation of the language on the Juris Doctor diploma:

The Trustees of Fordham University
established by the highest authority of New York,
to each and all whom it may concern, send
We, by these letters attest, that [Name & Previous Highest Degree]
a (man/woman) altogether worthy and properly tested
is awarded the degree of
Doctor of Law
and that by unanimous consent we have given and confer all
rights and privileges pertaining to that same degree.
In testimony of this we have provided that this Doctorate Diploma
be secured by our common seal and by
the signature of the Rector of the University.
Given in our academic assembly at Fordham in
the State of New York on the eighteenth day of the month of May,
in the Year of the Lord 2015.

Joseph M. McShane, SJ        Michael M. Martin
President                              Dean

The language on the Fordham University School of Law Master of Laws diploma is in Latin:

Universitas Fordhamensis Juris Schola
Novi Eloraci Salutem in Domino.
Facultate Juris Scholae commendante, ex virtute auctoritatis qua sunt vestiti in
legilus Status Neo-Eloracensis, Curatores hujus Universitatis conferre voluerunt in

Legum Magistratus

cum omnibus honoribus, juribus, privilegiis, et immunitatibus eodem pertinentibus,
recognoscentes successu completum esse cursum studiorum requisitum ad istum
gradum in Juris Schola.
Signavimus ac sigillavium in urbe Novo Eloraco hoc die undevicesima mensis Maii Anno Domini bis millesimo quintus decimo

  Joseph M. McShane, SJ                     Michael M. Martin
   Praeses                                           Decanus

The English translation of the language of the LLM diploma:

Fordham University School of Law
New York
Greetings in the Lord.
On the recommendation of the faculty of the school of law
and by the authority vested in them by the
laws of the State of New York,
the Trustees of the University
have conferred on
the degree of
Master of Laws
with all the honors, rights, privileges and immunities thereto appertaining, in recognition
of the successful completion of the requisite course of studies for the
degree in the School of Law
signed and sealed at the City of New York this eighteenth day of May in the Year of our Lord Two Thousand and Fifteen.

Joseph M. McShane, SJ        Michael M. Martin
President                              Dean

Mobile Devices

We respectfully ask that all guests turn off or turn to "silent" their mobile devices during the ceremony.

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