Legal Writing Tutoring Program

The Legal Writing Tutoring Program is open to all J.D. students. The Program tutors are Professor Katherine White and Professor James Yellen, who have each taught Legal Writing for many years.

The tutoring sessions will assist students who are experiencing specific difficulties with legal analysis and structure, as well as writing style and composition. Students will provide the tutor with a past writing assignment in advance of the tutoring sessions (the tutor cannot assist students with ongoing or current assignments). During the sessions, the tutor and the student will identify specific writing issues and concerns, and discuss ways in which the student can improve his or her writing and analysis. The tutor may also provide additional writing exercises and writing samples to assist the student. Each tutoring session will be between 30 to 45 minutes.

Students should discuss with their Legal Writing professor whether they would benefit from tutoring services. Students may also get in touch with the Legal Writing Program directly by contacting Emmy Huertas, Legal Writing Assistant, at or 212-636-6942.

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