Areas of Study

Banking, Corporate, and Finance Law

Acquire a sophisticated appreciation of corporate structure, an understanding of the laws relating to capital markets and financial institutions, and genuine insights into the goals and strategies of U.S. executives and business lawyers.

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Corporate Compliance

Prepare to respond effectively to new and complex regulatory demands and to be trained in the skills that are essential for any compliance professional

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Fashion Law

You’ll learn aspects of the law that arise throughout the life of a garment, starting with the designer’s original idea and continuing all the way to the consumer’s closet.

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Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law

Combine the classic study of intellectual property rights with the rapidly emerging field of information technology law.

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International Business and Trade Law

Prepare to meet the challenges of an increasingly global economy by gaining the knowledge and training needed to handle complex transnational transactions that define the current legal and business environment.

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International Dispute Resolution

Explore the various ways that international disputes are resolved, including through traditional litigation as well as alternative methods of dispute resolution, such as arbitration and mediation.

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International Law and Justice

Gain an advanced understanding of human rights protection and promotion on international, regional, and domestic levels.

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U.S. Law

Enjoy the flexibility to develop a curriculum in U.S. law topics that suits your particular needs and interests.

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Dual Concentration

Students who participate in this program must complete a minimum of 36 credits in total. Specialized credits cannot be double counted between the two concentrations; students must separately fulfill the requirements of each program and a course that is counted for one specialization may not be simultaneously counted toward the second specialization (requests for exceptions to this rule will be considered on case-by-case basis).

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