Prospective J.D. Students

Dear Prospective Student:

Thank you for your interest in the Career Planning Center ("CPC") at Fordham University School of Law. During the years a student spends at Fordham Law, the CPC serves as a guide in the job search process and remains here for our alumni throughout their careers.

During your first semester at Fordham Law, the most important thing is to focus on your classes. Recognizing this, the National Association for Legal Career Professionals ("NALP") has set a guideline for all member law schools that career planning services may only be made available to first year students as of October 15th of their first year. This date provides more than enough time for students to secure summer employment for the summer following their first year. In fact, an additional NALP guideline states that employers should not accept summer position applications from first year students prior to December 1st of their first year.

Once the October 15th date arrives, the CPC has a number of resources available and programs planned specifically for the first year class, including: (1) the First Year Orientation; (2) a comprehensive Professional Development Handbook; (3) resume and cover letter workshops, and (4) career panels and programs covering specific practice areas and specific career search strategies. In addition, the CPC coordinates an extensive On-Campus Recruitment Program welcoming legal employers to Fordham's campus who interview students for both summer and post-graduate positions. Additional recruitment options, including externships, the Resume Collect Program, and the proprietary CPC Online Job Bank, give students and alumni access to an even greater population of employers.

As you consider your decision about law school, we encourage you to view the links in the navigation for more information about our office. On behalf of the CPC, I look forward to welcoming you as a part of the Fordham Law School community.

Suzanne M. Endrizzi (FLS '96)
Assistant Dean of Career Planning