Programs and Services

Summary of CPC Programs and Services

The Career Planning Center provides a wealth of services to assist students and alumni in their career development. These services include Career Development Programs ranging from skills-based to career exploration to professional development; an extensive online library of materials including CPC generated guides; and most importantly knowledgeable and dedicated Career Counselors who are available to meet with students and alumni throughout their careers. We welcome you to visit all the CPC website pages, all resources with an "" are password protected and available only to students and alumni, to gain a sense of the CPC offerings.

Career Panels and Programs

Throughout the academic year, the CPC presents a variety of Career Development Programs designed to help students explore the career opportunities available at different times throughout law school and upon graduation, learn skills necessary to get the most out of their job search and network with participating Fordham Law alumni. The CPC emails students regarding specific programming for each semester and maintains a CPC Calendar of Events accessible to students and alumni. Participation in these programs is strongly encouraged.

Some of our annual programs include:

  1.  Orientations for the Fall On-Campus Interview Program and Spring On-Campus Interview Program;
  2.  The Alumni Mock Interview Program;
  3.  Employer Sponsored Receptions;
  4.  The Practice in Action Series;
  5.  The Secrets to Success Series; 
  6.  Featured Speakers' Series;
  7.  Conducting a Job Search Beyond N.Y.;
  8.  Interviewing Skills Workshops and Panels;
  9.  Resume and Cover Letter Workshops;
  10.  Job Search Strategy Workshops; and
  11. Judicial Clerkship Programs.

Career Resource Library

The Career Planning Center maintains a resource library staffed by a Resource Associate who is available to assist students and alumni with their research questions. The CPC Resource Library houses:

  • Job search related books, directories and publications
  • Career development books and publications
  • Computers with internet access for student/alumni use related to job search efforts 
  • Copier
  • Fax Machine
  • Scanner
  • Streaming audio and/or video recordings of CPC hosted career development programs

Individual Counseling


The CPC welcomes current students and alumni to schedule counseling sessions by phone or in person.  Each of the CPC counselors were involved in legal recruiting on behalf of their former employers and have have extensive experience with the unique aspects of the legal recruiting process.  Counseling appointments are generally one-hour time slots, though during certain times of the year when there is extremely high student interest, counseling appointments are limited to 30 minutes.

Drop-in Hours

The CPC Drop-In service is designed to assist current students and alumni by providing a quick and efficient way of asking brief career-related questions either in-person or by telephone.  During Drop-In hours one CPC counselor is available to meet with current students and alumni for a maximum of fifteen minutes. Throughout the year, Drop-In hours are held Monday through Thursday from 12:00-1:00 p.m.; 1:00-2:00 p.m.; 2:00-3:00 p.m.; 3:00-4:00 p.m. and 5:00-6:00 p.m.

Mock Interviews and Interview Prep Sessions

CPC counselors conduct mock interviews and interview prep sessions with current law students and alumni throughout the year.  Mock interviews allow students and alumni the opportunity to practice interviewing for legal and alternative positions and receive feedback on how to improve their interviewing skills.  Interview prep sessions provide a more informal discussion setting focuses on particular topics; in addition Interview Prep Sessions can be done by phone!

Judicial Clerkships

The CPC, in conjunction with the Faculty Clerkship Committee, has created the FLS Clerkship Program to assist current students and alumni with the post-graduate judicial clerkship application process.   Each year the CPC hosts a variety of programs related to post-graduate clerkships ranging from informational sessions to interviewing panels.  In addition the CPC has created a wealth of resources designed to assist students and alumni and works with the FCC to connect students and alumni with faculty advisors to assist them in mapping out an application strategy.  Finally, the CPC has a point counselor who coordinates the FLS Clerkship Program and counsels current students and alumni interested in pursuing judicial clerkships.

On-Campus Recruiting

Fordham Law School is pleased to welcome a wide variety of employers, including law firms, government agencies, public interest organizations and corporations, to our campus annually during its Spring and Fall On-Campus Recruitment Programs.  During the Fall On-Campus Recruitment Program, a partial system is utilized whereby a portion of the interview schedule is determined by employer selection and the remainder by student preference.  To view a listing of employers who have visited Fordham Law School in the past please visit the Employment Statistics page where you can view a PDF document listing those employers who visited campus to conduct interviews during the last academic year (including the corresponding office locations).

Online Job Bank

The CPC maintains a password-protected, online searchable Job Bank for students and alumni. The Job Bank contains term-time, summer, entry level, and lateral opportunities across the employer sector, including law firms, corporations, public interest orgnizations, government agencies, and courts.  The CPC is in constant communication with employers, in both the public and private sector, promoting the Fordham Law student body and alumni and actively works to secure new opportunities.

Resume and Cover Letter Critique

Resume Critique

The CPC has a resume critique service for current law students and alumni. Students and alumni can drop off or email their resumes for review, or meet in person or by phone with a counselor to discuss their resume during drop-in hours or a scheduled appointment.

Cover Letter Critique

Because of their personal nature, the CPC does not provide a critique service for cover letters as we do for resumes. Instead, current law students and alumni can schedule an appointment or come to a counselor’s drop-in hours to discuss individual cover letters.