Student Outreach Opportunities

Each year, employers contact the Career Planning Center for suggestions on how best to introduce Fordham Law students to their organizations. As the opportunities at various law schools differ, the CPC has created these pages to inform employers of the various options available at Fordham Law.

Hosting Opportunities

Employers who wish to introduce their organizations to students in informal social settings have two options:

  • They can host a reception (either on- or off-campus) at which students can meet with their attorneys.
  • They can arrange for current upper-division students who have worked at, or will work at, their organizations to act as their representatives at a reception for first-year students (our annual Career Social).

Career Social

Each year the CPC hosts an orientation to our Fall On-Campus Interview Program, followed immediately by the Career Social. This event allows current first year students to meet and mingle with upper-division students who have participated in an employer’s summer internship/associate program.

This academic year, the Career Social will take place on Wednesday, April 6, 2016 from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm in the Law School's Soden Lounge. We encourage you to reach out to your summer interns/associates from the summer of 2015, and your incoming summer associates for the summer of 2016, to attend this event to discuss their experiences with the current first year class.

A reminder email regarding this event will be sent early in March 2016. The CPC will provide name tags so that first year students can readily identify where each upper-division student worked; therefore, we will request that you provide the names of those summer interns/associates who will attend the Career Social.

Employer Receptions

Employers interested in hosting a reception for students have two options: participating in a multi-employer reception hosted on-campus by the Career Planning Center, or hosting their own individual receptions off-campus.

Marketing Materials Distribution Policy

The CPC receives frequent inquiries from employers interested in distributing marketing materials to our students.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for the CPC to disseminate marketing materials on behalf of an employer, whether in hard copy or electronic form. Nevertheless, it is possible for employers to reach out to students by a number of methods, detailed on the Communicating With Our Students page.

Communicating With Our Students

There are a number of ways in which employers can disseminate information to Fordham students:

Employer Profile
We ask that you place as much detailed information as possible into your Employer Profile on Symplicity - including information addressed specifically to Fordham students. The profile is an excellent place to put letters to students (including letters from hiring partners or Fordham alumni at your organization), as well as firm facts. Moreover, Symplicity now allows you to upload documents and attach them to your profile. Students have told us that this is an easy and convenient way for them to research employers.

Student Contact List
Please note that the CPC is unable to accommodate employer requests to distribute marketing materials and/or other items due to space constraints at the Law School.

As an alternative, we have instituted a system that allows students to consent to disclosure of their contact information to employers who request it. Employers who request such information will receive a mailing list containing the names, class years, and email addresses of the students who have consented to inclusion on the list. Thereafter, you may email those students directly if you wish to send them marketing materials (copying us at, on any emails sent to our students). Please contact Mitchell Weitz ( or 212-636-7603) if you would like more information on this option.

Student Organizations
Fordham Law School has a tradition of active student involvement in journals, moot court and organizations. These activities provide our students with substantial opportunities to gain leadership, research, writing, oral advocacy and other skills while in school. Employers are encouraged to contact student organizations directly to co-sponsor programs and other activities. The Student Groups page on this website lists all such groups and contains links to contact information for each one.


Employers interested in reaching out to the Fordham Law student body may do so by sponsoring one of three programs coordinated by our Office of Student Affairs: Final Exam breakfasts in both the fall and spring semesters; the monthly movie ticket distribution in the spring semester; and the monthly yoga/stress reduction workshops in the spring semester.

Student Organization Partnerships

Fordham Law School has a tradition of active involvement in student organizations. Close to two-thirds of our student body has two or more years of work experience resulting in strong leadership and activity level within these student organizations.

One of the best ways for an employer to get involved at Fordham Law School is to reach out directly to one or more of our student organizations. Employers can offer to co-sponsor panels of interest and other activities directly with these organizations. We welcome employers to contact student organizations directly. A list of all student organizations can be found on the Student Groups page; each listed organization is linked to a page providing a description of the organization and its contact information.

Working directly with a student organization offers employers the opportunity to craft events or panels of special interest to particular segments of the student body.


There are many opportunities for employers to support students and student organizations by volunteering their time or by donating funds. Two of the primary vehicles for this support are (a) the Fordham Student Sponsored Fellowship ("FSSF"), and (b) assisting Fordham's various student competition teams.

Volunteer to Assist Fordham Law Competition Teams

(a) Brendan Moore Trial Advocacy
The Brendan Moore Trial Advocacy Center is dedicated to fostering the education of law students in the world of trial advocacy.  Each year, the Center sends Fordham students around the country to compete at national trial competitions. Under the guidance of practicing trial attorneys, these students devote a great deal of their time and effort to prepare for these competitions.  Firms who wish to help are invited to sponsor practice trials at their offices, send experienced attorneys to judge practice rounds at Fordham, or even sponsor competition teams.  If you wish to help, please contact the Center at

(b) Moot Court
Moot Court is Fordham’s appellate advocacy program. Moot Court hosts four competitions each year: two intraschool competitions to determine which 2L students will be invited to join the Moot Court Board, and two interschool competitions.  The intraschool competitions, Mulligan and Wormser, are held in June/July and October/November, respectively.  Since each of the multiple rounds of the competitions require a panel of three judges, Mulligan and Wormser offer both Fordham alumni and local practitioners a significant and enjoyable opportunity for involvement.  Practitioners are eligible to receive CLE credit for their involvement. For more information about these and other volunteer opportunities, please contact the Moot Court Program at 212-636-6882 or via email at

(c) Dispute Resolution Society
The Dispute Resolution Society comprises students who compete in regional, national and international competitions in negotiation, mediation and arbitration.  Each year the DRS hosts three events with sponsorship opportunities:  (i) the leading Pre-moot for the Willem C. Vis Arbitration competition; (ii) a symposium each fall in which leading dispute resolution scholars join us as speakers or attendees; and (iii) a year-end dinner where Fordham deans, professors, distinguished alumni and DRS  members celebrate the year's accomplishments.  Each event offers opportunities for spotlighting your organization, including sponsoring the event and sponsoring a particular award. To get in touch with the Dispute Resolution Society, please email

FSSF Auction

The Fordham Student Sponsored Fellowship (“FSSF”) offers grants to students who work at unpaid public sector jobs. In order to qualify for a fellowship from the FSSF, a student must work at least 10 weeks or at least 400 hours at such a job. The FSSF’s most significant fundraising event is an Auction, held every spring. Employers may support the FSSF in its mission by (a) donating goods or services to be auctioned off; (b) serving as a Patron of the Auction; and/or (c) advertising in the Auction Catalogue:

  • Donors of goods or services to be auctioned off are listed in the Auction Catalogue; in the past, employers have donated such items as tickets to sporting events, theater tickets, nights on the town, and the like
  • Patrons of the Auction contribute directly to the FSSF and are listed in the Catalogue. There are several levels of patron support
  • Advertisements in the Auction Catalogue are available in a variety of sizes and price ranges.

Any employer interested in supporting the FSSF should visit its website,, for additional information about the FSSF and the Auction, and/or to contact the FSSF.