Dual Concentration

The dual concentration option gives students the opportunity to remain at Fordham Law for an additional semester of full-time study (or the equivalent for part-time students) to complete 12 credits in a second LLM discipline, at the end of which time the student would receive the LLM degree in two disciplines (for example, “LLM Degree in International Business and Trade Law and International Dispute Resolution”). Any two of our eight LLM concentrations can be combined in this way, provided that the student is able to meet the requirements of both programs. Both current students and alumni are eligible to pursue this option.

Students who participate in this program must complete a minimum of 36 credits in total. Specialized credits cannot be double counted between the two concentrations; students must separately fulfill the requirements of each program and a course that is counted for one specialization may not be simultaneously counted toward the second specialization (requests for exceptions to this rule will be considered on case-by-case basis).

In addition to giving students the opportunity to fully explore a second area of study, we anticipate that the addition of a third semester will give students greater flexibility to pursue opportunities such as externships and clinics that may be difficult to complete in just two semesters. Note that students who wish to take a bar examination may opt to do so after two semesters of study as long as they have completed all of the requirements for one of the degree programs at the end of two semesters (and provided that they fulfill all the requirements imposed by the relevant bar authority).

Current students or alumni who are interested in pursuing this option should email Kandice Thorn at kthorn1@fordham.edu to set up an appointment for Academic Advising. Prospective or incoming students who are interested in this option should email us at llm@law.fordham.edu. Once you have decided that you definitely want to pursue this option, please submit our Intent to Enroll form so we can update your graduation term and other records accordingly.