Recruiting Options

The Graduate Professional Development Program (GPDP) aims to provide the highest level of service to employers interested in connecting with our LL.M. students. LL.M. recruiting is handled separately from J.D. recruiting at Fordham Law School. The only exception is for job postings through our job bank, which is maintained by the Fordham Law School Career Planning Center and can be accessed by both LL.M. and J.D. students and alumni.

We are pleased to provide the highest level of support to employers who wish to connect with our LL.M. students and alumni.

We have great flexibility and are delighted to work with individual employers to formulate a customized recruitment strategy that meets their particular needs. Please contact Kandice Thorn at for additional information.

Resume Collection

At any time throughout the academic year, the GPDP will be happy to collect and forward a set of student resumes that meet your specific criteria. This service is available for foreign associate, entry-level, lateral, internship, and summer positions. Please contact Kandice Thorn at to discuss your hiring criteria.

On-Campus Interviews

LL.M. students do not participate in the Fall and Spring On-Campus Interview program; however, we are happy to work with employers to arrange on-campus interviews of LL.M. students. Please contact Kandice Thorn at to discuss arrangements for on-campus interviews.

Job Postings

We can arrange for job postings to be listed on our Symplicity database. Job postings on the Symplicity database are accessible to both J.D. and LL.M. students and alumni. This database is maintained by the Career Planning Center at Fordham Law School.  We can also send targeted postings to students who have have received their primary education in a particular country or region or to students who have specific language skills.

Information on how to post a job through Symplicity.


Kandice Thorn, Director of International and Non-J.D. Programs

Fordham University School of Law 150 West 62nd Street, Suite 8-131, New York, NY 10023