Michael M. Martin

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Distinguished Professor of Law

Telephone: 212-636-6875
Email: MIMARTIN@law.fordham.edu
Office: Room 110

Research and Teaching Areas

Legal Education; Evidence; Civil Procedure; Torts


Appointed dean in May 2011, Michael M. Martin has displayed unflagging dedication to Fordham Law School since he joined the faculty in 1972. In addition to serving on numerous Law School and University committees, he was faculty moderator for the Fordham Law Review from 1983 to 1995, associate dean from 1995 to 2001, and interim dean from 2010 to 2011. He twice stepped in on short notice to serve as associate dean for administration. In 2001 and 2010 he received the Dean’s Medal of Recognition, and in 2005 he was named Teacher of the Year.

Dean Martin’s scholarship is as distinguished as his commitment to Fordham Law. His principal subjects are Torts, Civil Procedure, Evidence, and Conflicts of Law. He is a co-author of the 5-volume Federal Rules of Evidence Manual and of the New York Evidence Handbook. He has also written other books, law review articles, and, for 26 years, a column on Evidence for the New York Law Journal.

Selected Publications

“Character Evidence in Civil Cases” in Trial Evidence in the Federal Courts: Problems and Solutions, pgs. 519-50 (2007, ALI-ABA)

S. Saltzburg, M. Martin & D. Capra, Federal Rules of Evidence Manual (6th ed. 1994, Michie) (7th ed. 1998, Lexis Law Publishing) (8th ed. 2002, LexisNexis) (9th ed. 2006 & semi-annual supplements, LexisNexis)

M.M. Martin, D. Capra & F. Rossi, New York Evidence Handbook (1997, Aspen Law & Business) (2d ed. 2003 & annual supplements, Aspen Law & Business)

Section of Litigation, American Bar Ass'n, Emerging Problems Under the Federal Rules of Evidence ch. 4 (3d ed. 1998, ABA)

D. Prater, C. Arguello, S. Saltzburg, M. Martin & D. Capra, Evidence -- The Objection Method (1997, Michie)

Section of Litigation, American Bar Ass'n, The Attorney-Client Privilege and the Work-Product Doctrine (E. Epstein & M. Martin 2d ed. 1989, ABA)

Morgan's Basic Problems of Evidence (M. Martin 6th ed. 1988, ALI-ABA)

"Evidence--State and Federal," a monthly (bi-monthly since 1990) column in the New York Law Journal, beginning May 14, 1982


  • J.D. with High Distinction, University of Iowa, 1966
  • B.Litt. (Law), Oxford University, England, 1968 (M.Litt. 1979)
  • B.A. with High Distinction with Honors in Political Science, University of Iowa, 1963