Selected Publications

Law Review Articles

  • Clearinghouses as Liquidity Partitioning, 99 Cornell Law Review 857 (2014)
  • How Collective Settlements Camouflage the Costs of Shareholder Lawsuits, 62 Duke Law Journal 1 (2012)
  • Strategic Liability in the Corporate Group, 78 University of Chicago Law Review 605 (2011)
  • Shareholder Opportunism in a World of Risky Debt, 123 Harvard Law Review 1151 (2010) 
  • The Case for Symmetry in Creditors' Rights, 118 Yale Law Journal 806 (2009)
  • Antitrust and the Supremacy Clause, 59 Stanford Law Review 77 (2006)
  • Law and the Rise of the Firm, 119 Harvard Law Review 1333 (2006) (with Henry Hansmann and Reinier Kraakman)

Book Chapters and Essays

  • The Artificial Collective-Action Problem in Lawsuits Against Insured Defendants, in Research Handbook on the Economics of Insurance Law (D. Schwarcz & P. Siegelman, eds.) (Edward Elgar 2015)
  • Illiquidity vs. Insolvency in the 2008 Crisis and the Congressional Imagination, in Crisi Finanziaria Riposte Normative: Verso un Nuovo Diritto Dell'Economica?, Quderni di Giurisprudenza Commerciale (2014)
  • A Market for End-of-the-World Insurance? Credit Default Swaps on US Government Debt, in Is U.S. Government Debt Different? (Franklin Allen et al., eds.) (FIC Press 2012)
  • Intraportfolio Litigation, 105 Northwestern University Law Review 1679 (2011) (with Amanda Rose)
  • The New Business Entities in Evolutionary Perspective, 2005 University of Illinois Law Review 5 (with Henry Hansmann and Reinier Kraakman) (symposium: Uncorporation: A New Legal Age?)