Current Scholars and Research Fellows


Visitors are welcome to participate in the intellectual life at the law school, to attend public events, and, space permitting and with the permission of the professor, to audit law school courses. Please do not contact faculty members directly.

Audit a Course

Visitors are expected to attend a seminar series designed especially for them. All visitors are encouraged to present their research at this seminar series. Upcoming lectures are listed in the Visiting Scholar and Research Fellow Program e-Newsletter. Research Scholars and Fellows are invited to email in order to schedule a presentation of their work. All visitors are encouraged to make a presentation; and our attendance policy requires all visitors to attend these sessions. In order to be excused from attending a seminar, you must request a waiver in advance by email to Illness is a valid excuse; invalid excuses include family travel, regular childcare duties, and other meetings. After two unexcused absences in any given semester, your status and privileges as a Visiting Scholar or Research Fellow will be revoked and you will be asked to surrender your ID card. In addition, anyone on a visa supported by documentation provided by Fordham University will be reported to the Office for International Services, which will inform the immigration authorities that you are out of compliance with your visa.

The Office of International and Non-JD Programs hosts a number of informal Research/Study Groups for Visiting Scholars and Research Fellows. Groups have been formed for Constitutional Law, Contract and Commercial Law, Criminal Law, and International Law. Please see the e-Newsletter for information about how to join or moderate these groups.