Course Audit Requests

The primary purpose of the Visiting Foreign Scholar and Visiting Research Fellow Program is to provide an academic community for our visitors to pursue their independent research. Visitors occasionally request permission to audit classes at the Law School. This is permitted to the extent consistent with the visitor’s research goals, space permitting, and with the permission of the professor.

Please see the current semester course list, then fill out the below Request Form to audit a course.

All visitors are welcome to attend Introduction to the U.S. Legal System. In addition, visitors may choose one or two additional courses that they wish to attend. The Office of International and Non-JD Programs will ascertain whether there is space in the class and whether the professor will permit you to audit. Please do not contact professors directly. Fill out this form, submit, and we will try to secure the necessary approvals for you.

Please note: Legal Writing, Drafting, Externship, and other skill courses are not available for auditors.