Stein Alumni Mentorship Program

The Stein Scholars Alumni Mentorship Program pairs Stein Scholars alumni with current Stein Scholars, offering an invaluable opportunity for students to complement and enhance their experiences while at law school and beyond.This year, the Mentorship Program, which was launched in the summer of 2012, matched dozens of students and recent graduates with lawyers from a broad range of practice areas, including government, non-profit, direct service, and firms. Alumni participants offer their mentees advice on a variety of topics - from how to best navigate law school to career trajectories and from the legal profession to the transition from school to practice - and also include them at work related activities and local networking events.

"It was great to go down to [my mentor's] office and get to see her work environment and learn about her experience in law school and getting to her current position.  I really enjoyed speaking with her and definitely got a lot of good advice about choosing courses, learning about fellowships, and thinking about what I want to do later on."

"I thought the Stein Alumni Mentorship Program last year was amazing and I really loved meeting my mentor.  I was placed very well - my mentor and I had very similar professional interests and he was also based in NY but spending lots of time in DC.  I appreciated the thought that went into the pairing and found him to be very inspiring and helpful.  I will definitely continue to keep in touch with him."

If you are interested in being a mentor or mentee in the Stein Scholars Mentorship Program, please contact Stein Center Associate Director Sherri Levine at or 212-636-6988.