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Dr. Hodges Silverstein researches, teaches, and speaks on topics related to purchasing decision and metrics in the legal market as well as change in law firms. Her teaching and research focus is law firm management.

She is executive director of the Buying Legal Council, the organization of procurement and operations professionals tasked with sourcing legal services and managing legal services supplier relationships.

Dr. Hodges Silverstein co-authored the Harvard Business School case studies GlaxoSmithKline: Sourcing Complex Professional Services on the company’s legal procurement initiative and Riverview Law: Applying Business Sense to the Legal Market on the new model law firm.

Dr. Hodges Silverstein is the author of many articles on law firm management including The Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics’ “I didn’t go to law school to become a salesperson,” and the author/editor of a number of books, including the Legal Procurement Handbook, Buying Legal: Procurement Insights and Practice and Winning Legal Business from Medium-Sized Companies.

She earned her PhD at Nottingham Law School (UK), holds a master’s degree in business from Universität Bayreuth (Germany) and Warwick Business School (UK) and an undergraduate degree in economics from Universität Bayreuth (Germany).

She was awarded the American Marketing Association’s Liam Glynn Research Scholarship and a PhD scholarship from the German Department of Education and Research. Dr. Hodges Silverstein is a fellow of the College of Law Practice Management.


Authored a book on law firm marketing for WoltersKluwer/UTET (2007) and frequently lectures and publishes on law firm marketing.

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Current research projects

“The buying behavior of GCs in DAX30 companies”; comparison to the buying behavior of GCs in FTSE100 companies

“Loyalty: Do clients choose the firm or the individual lawyer?” with Young-Kye Kim (Harvard Law School, PLP)

“Drivers of profitability in the legal services sector” with Stine Grodal (Boston University Business School)

“A cause analysis of why legal service firms fail” with Stephen Mayson (The College of Law)


PhD, Nottingham Law School/UK
MBA, Universität Bayreuth/Germany and Warwick Business School/UK
BS (Economics), Universität Bayreuth/Germany

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Fordham University School of Law
150 West 62nd Street, New York, NY 10023