Following the program, students who would like to stay on for internships at Korean multinational corporations, Korea's leading courts, government ministries, the National Assembly, human rights organizations, and law firms, will have the opportunity to do so under the auspices of the Institute's three-credit internship program. All internship work will be conducted in English, except at the Korean Supreme Court. Please refer to the following chart for internship placement for the Summer of 2016.

Organization | Interns

Korean Supreme Court | 3

Korean Constitutional Court | 2

National Assembly | 2

Samsung Corporation | 14

Hanhwa Corporation | 4

SK Corporation | 5

Summer Associate Positions | 6

The internships give U.S. law students a chance to learn and to work in a foreign country. Responsibilities may include assistance with U.S. law-related projects in the form of drafting research memoranda, document review, drafting and editing various deal documents, and other transactional work. However, please keep in mind there may be substantial differences in the work and culture during the internships. For those students with no work experience in an Asian country, attendance in the introductory Korean language and culture class is strongly recommended.

Eligibility (GPA Cut Off)

Due to the highly competitive nature of placement, we require a minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA for internship requests. We will try to accommodate everyone interested with an internship but some of the most desirable internships are limited and will be competitive. There is some flexibility regarding this requirement, so interested students with an undergraduate GPA of less than 3.0 should contact the Director or Executive Director. Also, please keep in mind that every single student in the past who has applied for an internship has received one.

Internship placements are made based on student grades (undergraduate and law school), work experience, special skills (such as foreign language fluency), and the timing of one's application submission. Earlier applications will receive priority, so we strongly encourage students to submit their application as soon as possible in order to secure an internship and to receive an internship of your highest preference.

Internships For Credit Or Non-Credit

Students MUST participate in the academic portion of the program in order to qualify for any internship, whether for credit or not. The length of each internship is five weeks, beginning Monday, July 4 and ending Friday, August 5, 2016.

Students have the option of participating in an internship for three ungraded credits at a cost of $2100. Or they may participate in an internship for no credit upon payment of a $500 internship placement fee at the time of application. Students opting for academic credits will have priority in internship placements and program housing over non-credit internship applicants. A student may change her status from non-credit to credit internship upon payment of the $2100 externship tuition by May 1, 2016.

Note About Location Of Multi National Corporation Internships

Some internships may be situated in suburbs located 50 - 75 kilometers outside of downtown Seoul. Korea's largest conglomerates, such as Samsung and SK, have multiple offices and/or headquarters located throughout the greater Seoul environs.