Fordham Law Democrats

Mission Statement

We stand for a smart, efficient government that pursues important national goals.  We believe in preparing America for the challenges of the 21st century by modernizing our education and infrastructure to be able to compete in the age of globalization.  This includes investment in pre-kindergarten education, scientific research, and domestic sources of energy.  We must cut spending and tax those who can afford it to reduce our out-of-control federal budget deficit. We also strive to take an effective strategy in the fight against terrorism.  America cannot win this war if we are simultaneously funding both sides of it with our huge over consumption of oil that prevents us from dealing with the number one creator of terrorists on this planet, the anti-Semitic, human-rights abusing dictatorship of Saudi Arabia.  Until we wean our dependence on Saudi oil, al Qaeda will always have a network and resources to carry out their murderous goals.  Only the Democratic party has a plan to undercut terrorism's support structure and stand up for human rights abroad.  We also believe in giving everyone in America a chance to succeed by cutting down the barriers of race and class.  We believe in free and fair trade by reducing trade barriers on the condition that foreign workers can earn a living wage.  America should not be penalized for having labor laws.  And we also believe in protecting our environment and stopping global warming with investments in mass-transit and renewable energy, which will also create jobs for American people. We strive to let America be America again.