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Study Abroad in South Africa

Ubunta: A Service Learning Opportunity at Fordham University

UBUNTU- a unique study abroad opportunity offered through Fordham, is a Service Learning Program in Pretoria, South Africa. Based at the University of Pretoria, Ubuntu program participants take coursework focusing on the historical and socioeconomic issues impacting communities in South Africa while engaging in community-based service-learning projects coordinated by the University of Pretoria and the Jesuit Institute of South Africa.

The program offers an exciting combination of academic study, community engagement, and reflection--if you are considering studying abroad, We recommend that you read more about our Ubuntu program. at the Ubuntu website which  provides a more in-depth description of the Ubuntu program's offerings.  
This study abroad option is open to every majo
r, as the University of Pretoria offers courses that span a wide variety of academic disciplines.

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