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If you have ANY questions about CLC please contact any of the leaders below and we'll be happy to tell you more and give you a good feel for what CLC is all about.  We hope to hear from you!

Sr. Mary Catherine Redmond, PBVM - ROSE HILL
Pastoral Minister for Christian Life Communities

Carol Gibney - Lincoln Center
Campus Ministry, Lowenstein 217B
212-636-6318 |

Fordham's CLC Leaders are a friendly, faithful group of students and Jesuit Scholastics who are eager to share their heart, time and talents with Fordham's Christian Life Communities.  Here are the unauthorized pics and bios!

Name: Marc Alibrandi
Hometown: Massapequa
Graduation Year: 2015

Major: Political Science/Theology

I came to Fordham because of the university's Jesuit identity and because I felt that Fordham would be a place where I could grow and explore my faith while also exploring what interests me academically. My CLC has been a staple of my time here at Fordham. My group has helped me learn so much more about myself through conversations and listening.  It has also helped me create extremely meaningful and lasting friendships.  I've definitely grown in my faith through my CLC, and I don’t know what I would do without that hour or so per week. My group has been a literal God-send.


Kate Dooley
Long Island, NY
Class of 2016
English/International Humanitarian Affairs/American Catholic Studies

Kate is a lover of dogs, Jesuits, New York City and Dunkin Donuts coffee. Born and raised on Long Island, Kate enjoys exploring cities and nature alike, and is passionate about Jesuit spirituality, women's empowerment, and peace & justice issues. Kate is SUPER excited to be embarking on her second year as a retreat leader and first full year as a CLC leader, and feels blessed to be attending a university that integrates spiritual programs with student life so beautifully. She believes that being a part of a CLC is an invaluable opportunity to make deep, lasting friendships, set aside time for prayer, and create a peaceful place within yourself.

Doreen Ivy Bentum
Cape Coast, Ghana
Class of 2015
Political Science/Theology

Fordham's appeal to me existed in a couple of important things. The more I learned about Fordham University, the more I recognized its unequivocal commitment to the development of the person as a whole-- something I would later learn is called cura personalis.  Another thing would be its location in the Bronx. Living in the Bronx for me is huge because just a few steps away, you have a beautiful melting pot of populations, cuisine, music etc.; and there are also many opportunities for service and learning within the community. Being in a CLC has opened a up a whole new kind of community to me that is pretty rare. My CLC has a been a warm and safe space for me to share my struggles and successes not only in my journey of faith, but also in my navigation of life in general. Even more amazing is the privilege of being able to listen to the stories of my colleagues and somehow be a part of their journey of faith, and their lives as well. Drawing closer to God while nurturing a deep and unspoken bond with your CLC members-- there are honestly very few things that beat this kind of experience. 


Catherine Ashur
Milton, MA
Class of 2017


I chose Fordham because the university has the tools to help me grow as a person not only intellectually, but also spiritually, socially, and in ways I have yet to discover. I also felt that through the Jesuit tradition of being 'a person for others' I could contribute to the community through service. I signed up to be part of a CLC half way into my first semester freshman year and I'm very happy that I did! During my time atFordham, CLC has been a comfortable place to relax, to be listened to, to reflect and to develop spiritually. Also, through CLC I have met awesome people who are now my friends. 


Anne Wachowicz  
Manhasset, NY
Class of 2015
GSB/5-year master’s program for Fordham's Graduate School of Education

My older sister and brother attended Fordham. Visiting the school prior to applying, I knew it would be a great fit for me even though my siblings and I have different interests.  I was close enough yet far enough from home, it was located just 20 minutes from midtown and it was a Catholic university. Although I have been involved with Campus Ministry since freshman year, I did not join my CLC until junior year. I regret not joining early and strongly encourage freshman and sophomores to join this year! I developed a sense of family with my CLC and hope to pass that along with my CLC. 


Hannah Reiss
Paoli, PA
Class of 2016
Computer Science

I of course loved Fordham for the obvious reasons like its proximity to Manhattan, solid academic reputation, and beautifully tranquil campus.  The biggest draw for me, however, was the type of people I anticipated my fellow Rams to be. I thought that the location of the Rose Hill campus and the rigor of a Jesuit education would attract people with a lot of confidence, passion, and drive. It turns out I was right, which makes me very grateful to go to this school. Not yet having involved myself with Campus Ministry, I joined a CLC in the beginning of my sophomore year because I missed being a part of a community of Christians. Being able to meet weekly with a group of such encouraging and inspiring people reminds me what really matters in the life of a college student, how to grow in your spirituality through prayer and studies, and the infinite things that are possible with a little help from the big guy upstairs. General emotional support is also a great plus of CLC, e.g. ice cream sundaes after you get dumped.


Bryan P. Galligan
Little Compton, RI
Class of 2015

Bryan was attracted to Fordham for its sense of community and jesuit identity. He loves CLC's because they have led him to form lasting friendships, explore Ignatian spirituality, and become more comfortable sharing his faith.


Nicole Kegley
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Class of 2017

Theology (Undeclared)

During my college search, I looked at a lot of Jesuit schools. I knew being far from home would be hard at times, but I also knew how beneficial a strong faith community would be to help me through any hard times I might face. Fordham's community impressed me from my first visit, and I fell in love with the campus and the city. I have only grown to love Fordham more from all my experiences there and can't wait for three more great years! As I previously mentioned, I was very interested in the faith community at Fordham. My CLC helped me feel included right away in the beginning of the school year, and provided me with a place where I felt safe to discussmy struggles and my faith. During the stress of the week between friends and classes, it is nice to have a time set aside each week to just reflect and feel cared about.


Matthew Leone
Mt. Prospect, IL
Class of 2017
International Studies and Latin

I have always gone to Catholic school since kindergarten and Fordham being a Catholic university was a plus. Also Fordham has an excellent International Studies program which is also why I chose Fordham.  CLC during my first year at Fordham allowed me to have a time in my week where I could reflect not only on my faith, but my week as a whole. CLC also helped to strengthen my faith as a first year college student.



Anna Abowd
Mission Viejo, CA (by way of Lynchburg, VA)
Class of 2015
Theatre Design/Italian

I wanted to come to Fordham because it has a small-campus feel but I am able to be in a huge city. I also have gone to Catholic school my whole life, so I feel comfortable in the philosophy and Jesuit teachings that Fordham has. CLCs have a special place in my heart because I have made so many lasting friendships from my CLCs over the years, and I always am looking forward to meeting with my CLC, talking about our spiritual lives, and having time with my group.


Francesca Leite
Nutley, NJ
Class of 2015
Communication & Media Studies/ Political Science

Born and raised in Nutley, NJ, she claims she will never permanently leave the amazing Garden State.  She has a younger sister and two adorable dogs.  She has been an active member of her home parish's youth group and young adult ministry.  At Fordham, you can find her at Praise & Worship every Wednesday night.  She also serves on the Liturgy Board and works with The Fordham Ram and Fordham Career Ambassadors. Francesca loves leading CLC and always finds it incredibly moving to learn about everyone's different faith journeys.



Julia Casey
Scranton, P.A.
Class of 2016
English, Communications

After applying to over a dozen colleges, I realized that I wanted to continue my Jesuit education that I had been introduced to in high school.  I knew that I wanted a city to explore, but I also wanted to have the experience of campus life in college, so Fordham was a perfect choice!

I thought about joining a CLC freshman year, but it wasn’t until the beginning of my sophomore year when seriously began thinking about it again.  I happened to run into a friend of mine on the stairwell during the early weeks of the fall semester, and with a quick, “Hey Julia, would you ever consider joining my CLC?!” question, I would become a part of something that now defines my experience at Fordham.  CLC has become a necessary part of my week: it has helped me to remain grateful and stay focused and calm.  It has helped me to stay connected to the active, welcoming faith community at Rose Hill and to my own faith especially, even when daily life seems almost too busy to bear!



Caitlyn Vogt
North Attleboro, MA
Class of 2017

I wanted to attend Fordham because of Fordham's academic excellence, its proximity to New York City, and most importantly the multiple opportunities Fordham gives students to develop oneself as a person. The spiritual and religious communities as well as the volunteer opportunities greatly influenced my decision to attend Fordham University. During my first year at Fordham, my CLC offered a safe and welcoming environment to talk about my own spirituality. Whether it was a question, concern, or issue I was having with my relationship with God or establishing friendships with other CLC members that strengthened my own faith life, my CLC was incredibly helpful and acted as a support system for me during my freshman year of college.


Jedd Vergara
Sacramento, CA
Class of 2015

Jedd  was born in the Philippines, moved to Sacramento, California, and is sorry (not really) that the word "hella" is part of his vocabulary. As he naturally gravitates to music, at Fordham you can find Jedd singing in the University Choir, Schola Cantorum, Gloria Dei choir, and the Praise and Worship band, and is hoping to begin more musical projects. That's when he's not on the piano, or strumming about with a uke, or belting at the top of his lungs, or composing/arranging. Or you can occasionally find him with the fabulous people of FUPAC. But he very much enjoys quality time with friends, like walking through Central Park, or singing their hearts out at a karaoke bar. Jedd enjoys CLC for the time away from the week, amid the many stresses of school and life, to pray, to focus, to listen, to share, to support, and to relax with a small community of friends. Don't be afraid to say hello! :D AMDG.



Wanda Medina
Yonkers, NY
Class of 2015
International Studies

Wanda is senator for CSA and also is a member of the Magis Council on campus. Wanda enjoys writing poetry and walking through central park. Wanda loves being apart of CLC,  she loves watching people grow along their faith journey!


Deborah Adewale
Staten Island, NY
Class of

CLC has been a place where I am able to truly be myself. It is a peaceful and open environment that has accepted me for who I am. 

  Kirsten Simons
Class of 2016
International Political Economy

In addition to CLC, Kirsten is a member of Rose Hill Society, involved in Praise and Worship, Weddings at Fordham, and interns at a nonprofit in Manhattan. She also volunteers with Change for Kids. Kirsten loves the crazy, wonderful family her CLC group has created, and thinks that their community is incredibly important to her life and spirituality.

Dan cannot wait to continue working with the amazing people and community of CLC ministry that make being a leader so rewarding. Besides being a retreat leader, he is involved in Retreat Ministry, Residence Hall Association, and Global Outreach at Fordham’s Rose Hill campus. Recently, he was asked to be a model for Fordham’s FLASH magazine. Dan also sings in the university and Gloria Dei choirs and is a part of the Praise and Worship band. When he’s not busy singing and playing in a band, he sings and plays in a band called the Keating Steps!


Dan Straquadanio
Queens, New York
Class of 2015

Dan cannot wait to continue working with the amazing people and community of CLC ministry that make being a leader so rewarding. Besides being a retreat leader, he is involved in Retreat Ministry, Residence Hall Association, and Global Outreach at Fordham’s Rose Hill campus. Recently, he was asked to be a model for Fordham’s FLASH magazine. Dan also sings in the university and Gloria Dei choirs and is a part of the Praise and Worship band. When he’s not busy singing and playing in a band, he sings and plays in a band called the Keating Steps!






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