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If you have ANY questions about CLC please contact any of the leaders below and we'll be happy to tell you more and give you a good feel for what CLC is all about.  We hope to hear from you!

Sr. Mary Catherine Redmond, PBVM - ROSE HILL
Pastoral Minister for Christian Life Communities

Carol Gibney - Lincoln Center
Campus Ministry, Lowenstein 217B
212-636-6318 |

Fordham's CLC Leaders are a friendly, faithful group of students and Jesuit Scholastics who are eager to share their heart, time and talents with Fordham's Christian Life Communities.  Here are the unauthorized pics and bios!

  Marc Alibrandi
Faith Brancale has been the subject of many corny jokes over the last 20 years. She’s a Visual Arts major at LC who hails from Brooklyn, NY where she reigns over a household of seven children. Faith loves adventures – at Fordham, in the city, and around the world – and views her spirituality from that lens. She loves finding God in all things, especially in her CLC, music, and breakfast food. Sometimes she sits on escalators and is partial towards cowboy boots. Faith is the artist-in-residence at the LC CM office, where she is a student intern and if you need to find her then there’s a 95% chance that she’ll be there. Faith adores little kids, thrift stores, and orange juice, and along with Alyssa she’s somewhat of a tourist attraction at Columbus Circle, where the two often go busking with their violins in tow.

Stephen Gan, a Scranton native, pictured here in his natural habitat, is a member of the Fordham College at Rose Hill Class of 2014 and plans to major in Biology and Classical Languages. Stephen, a proud elder brother to two amazing sisters, can often be found playing the mandolin in both the Gloria Dei Choir and Praise and Worship Band when he isn't working a shift on FUEMS and has also been known to escape on more than a few long distance runs. More than anything, Stephen treasures the CLC experience because of the camaraderie forged in the mutual search for God in all things. 


Emily Gordon is a junior at the Lincoln Center Campus and is double majoring in Psychology and Religious studies. She commutes from the Lower East Side (loisaida!!) where she is very active in her local church, Iglesia Cristiana Misionera. Along with participating in CLC, sheis a Bible School teacher, the director for her church’s youth society and sings in her two local Worship Teams. On campus, she is a member of Commuter Student Association and is a Commuter Freshman Mentor! A proud Ecuadorian, Emily enjoys singing random songs in Spanish, eating ceviche (along with every other kind of food), and hanging out with her little sister, Kelly. Emily loves CLC and does not know what she would do without her awesome and loving CLC group. She hopes that all new students and students new to CLC will consider joining and experiencing the love and community a CLC group has to offer.     

William Blake Dutton was born on November 20, 1990 and is orginially from Rockville, Maryland. Blake is a psychology major who is studying to become a therapist, and while at Fordham has participated in Global Outreach, Liturgical Ministry, leading retreats, and CLC. He has loved being involved in CLC because it is a great opportunity to directly engage in faith sharing with his peers. He also loves the community aspect of CLC

 Emily Kurtenbach grew up just outside of Chicago with her two brothers, parents and cat, Puffy.  She is currently a junior at Fordham College at Rose Hill studying Sociology and Visual Arts. She is hoping to become a teacher! Other than being a CLC leader, Emily also leads retreats, is a member of Rose Hill Society, a Social Justice Leader and volunteers at Rosedale Achievement Center, an after school program for girls in the Bronx. She loves CLC because of the community it creates and the prayer and peace it perpetuates within her. 


Wanda Medina is in the class of 2015 from Yonkers, Newyork. Wanda is majoring in international studies at the LC campus.  She is senator for CSA and also is a member of the Magis Council on campus. Wanda enjoys writing poetry and walking through central park. Wanda loves being apart of CLC,  she loves watching people grow along there faith journey!

  Jedd Vergara  is in the sophomore (2015!) at Rose Hill and is majoring in Music (and maybe something else later). Born in the Philippines, he moved to Sacramento, California, and is sorry (not really) that the word "hella" is part of his vocabulary. As he naturally gravitates to music, at Fordham you can find Jedd singing in the University Choir, Schola Cantorum, Gloria Dei choir, and the Praise and Worship band, and is hoping to begin more musical projects. That's when he's not on the piano, or strumming about with a uke, or belting at the top of his lungs, or composing/arranging. Or you can occasionally find him with the fabulous people of FUPAC. But he very much enjoys quality time with friends, like walking through Central Park, or singing their hearts out at a karaoke bar. Jedd enjoys CLC for the time away from the week, amid the many stresses of school and life, to pray, to focus, to listen, to share, to support, and to relax with a small community of friends. Don't be afraid to say hello! :D AMDG.
Megan Wrinn is in the class of 2014, majoring in English and minoring in Spanish.  Originally from Norwalk, Connecticut, she has a twin sister and a younger sister, a shih-tzu named Frankie, and a female cat named Carlos.  Megan is very involved with her church back home and mentors middle-school girls in her area as a way to help them grow in their faith and identity in Christ.  While at school, she tutors  once a week at Rosedale Achievement Center and sings during Praise & Worship on campus.  You can find her working in the library, going for long walks in the Botanical Gardens, and spending her free time watching reruns of the Office.  Megan loves CLC because it is a great opportunity to meet others who are interested in growing in their faith.
  Jen Whitford
  Dan Straquadanio
  Deborah Adewale
  Kaitlyn Gafney
  Bryan Galligan
  Francesca Leite
  Kristen Simons

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