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If you have any questions about the Retreat Ministry or would just like to talk over which retreat experience might be best for you please contact us and we'll be happy to tell you more!  

Erin Hoffman
Assistant Director of Campus Ministry for Spiritual Programs
McGinley 206
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As leaders we have all experienced the awesomenes of retreats...the peace, the friendship, the laughter, the quiet times, the hope, the joy, (the food!) and most importantly, the love of God that makes it all possilbe!  Whatever your particular reason for joining us on retreats, please know how happy we are to share the journey with you and that we'll do all we can to help make your stay as comfortable and enriching as possible.

Marc Alibrandi  is a Political Science major and possible Theology double major in the Rose Hill class of 2015. He hails from Long Island, New York. He has many leather bound books. His favorites of which are Tom Clancy novels and the Game of Thrones series. When he is not volunteering for Campus Ministry, he may be found tossing a frisbee on Eddie's. His favorite place in New York City is Central Park. He finds the contrast between the nature of the park and the surrounding man-made structures to be powerfully moving. Throughout the hustle and bustle of his daily life, Marc makes sure to acknowledge God in his daily interactions with others.

Julia Casey, Rose Hill class of 2016, was born in Scranton, PA. She’s thrilled to be a part of the retreat team and campus ministry, which she thinks brings out the absolute best of Fordham. When she’s not chipping away at her homework in Empire State Café, she’s reflecting and journaling – practicing those writing skills she plans to employ as a future English major. Well, maybe. Julia’s still undecided with regard to her major, but in non-academic pursuits her direction is clear. After her service learning-based Manresa experience, Julia works closely with the Dorothy Day Center for Service and Justice to truly be a woman for and with others. Julia finds God in her service work and also counts her blessings every summer as God appears to her in the nature surrounding her family’s lake house and in the faces of her cousins with whom she is incredibly close. If you’re not convinced of how amazing Julia is yet, you should also know that her favorite superhero is Beyoncé – a woman as strong, independent, and beautiful as Julia herself.


 Alyssa Carolan  spent her summer trekking her way through Brazil as part of Fordham's World Youth Day contingent, participating in both communal service and prayer. This adventure is only her latest one, and reflects her desire to constantly find God in unexpected places, whether it's in the middle of nowhere, on a GO project, in the quiet of Goshen, or while sitting by herself on a NYC subway. Alyssa is currently in her senior year at Fordham's Lincoln Center campus and hails from just one state over in New Jersey. She is sucking every drop of life possible out of her Fordham experience (possibly making up for any lost time from while she was a "homeschooled jungle freak"), and gives back to the activities she loves by being on the GO Board and a Campus Ministry Retreat Leader.  She would also like anyone reading this to know that as an English and Theology double major with a lot of babysitting experience, she's pretty much the best potential candidate for any job, and is currently taking requests for employment.

 Courtney Code - Where do we begin?!  Well for one thing, it goes without saying that this girl is just bursting with energy and with life.  As a junior at Fordham from New Orleans, she is currently studying both English and Theology.  Each day, she is cultivating her love for writing and fostering her faith, which is always ever growing and evolving.  And each day, she seeks out ways to learn different paths to God through others.  As a returning member of the team, she felt honored to have led the Cor retreat, which was enriching and affirming and a great big blessing for her.  She is surely an incredible force on our retreat team because she is always ready to listen and always has something to contribute.  She is one of those people with the unique ability to capture your attention, and to keep it.  So if you know Courtney, you don’t need us to tell you that she will make you listen and laugh, until you cannot help but love her!  

As a proud Capricorn, Clare Deck is about as down to Earth as it gets.  Born on December 28th, Clare is everyone’s favorite Christmas gift and early New Year’s Eve present.  Hailing from the great city of Oakland, California, Clare is super excited for all that this year has in store for her.  A Sophomore at Fordham College Rose Hill, Clare’s favorite hobbies include hiking, dancing, and singing.  Her favorite boy band is One Direction, and her spirit animal is the sloth.  She has a secret obsession for Gossip Girl, and will be more than willing to discuss it with you at length.  A vibrant figure on Campus, Clare is always around walking with a smile on her face.  If you see her around campus, feel free to come right up and say hello!

Jason Diaz is attending the College of Rose Hill in the class of 2015. He is from the small town of Glen Rock, located in northern New Jersey. Jason is a young man of many talents and hobbies, including dancing, longboarding, eating, and to a certain extent, singing and playing the ukulele. He has been involved with retreats since his freshman year of high school and is very excited and happy to be a part of this year's Campus Ministry Retreat Team. Jason enjoys leading and attending retreats and loves meeting and being in a community with people who are open to expressing their love for, and relationship with, God.
Lynn DiOrio is a member of the class of 2014 and was born on Flag Day in 1992.  She is “a pretty indecisive person,” especially when it comes to what she wants to study in college. However, this Long Island girl has decided and committed herself to help bring the faith alive to the Fordham community. You can usually find this girl devouring food in the cafeteria, running laps around campus, and dominating in every intramural sport possible. This beginning triathlete even hosted a television show for young adults, “Get Connected,” that aired on Telecare on Long Island! Her faith plays a prominent role in her life. If you see this girl on campus, never be afraid to say “Hi," unless she already beat you to it! 

Kate Dooley – born on July 6, this summer baby is a proud Long Islander, hailing from Huntington, NY. A bundle of joy and smiles, Kate loves exploring new places, meeting new people, catching up on her favorite TV shows, and spending time with her family. She loves driving around Long Island, her favorite season is spring at Fordham (yes, that is its own season), and two of her favorite places in the world are NYC and the Catskill Mountains. As part of the class of 2016, Kate is studying English and American Catholic Studies, and hopes to begin a minor in International Humanitarian Affairs. Faith is a very important part of Kate’s life, and she loves that college has given her a time to grow, question and deepen her relationship with God. She feels so blessed to be on the retreat team for the 2013-2014 school year, and looks forward to all the new friends and experiences the year will bring!

Lianna Drobatz was born on September 14, 1993, is from right outside the City of Brotherly Love and a member of FCRH class of 2015. She is perpetually indecisive in regards to a major, but thinks she will study some combination of science and Spanish.  She is completely in love with her family and friends, the moon, writing letters, smiling, bracelets, and musicals, particularly In the Heights.  She is a camp counselor for four-year-olds and thinks that is the greatest age in the whole world.  Lianna loves retreats for the pure joy and relaxation she feels as a result of them, and for the unique bonds that can only be created there.  She truly believes she is surrounded by angels and is grateful everyday for their presence in her life.  

William "Blake" Dutton was born November 20, 1990 in Silver Spring, MD as the proto-typical caveman. As a member of the Fordham College Rose Hill class of 2014, his crowning achievement of his Junior year was learning how to make fried chicken. Doing Psych Research and studying for his major are among his hobbies along with leading CLC and GO! and participating on the liturgical board. His life is not all fun and games though as he competes on an intramural softball team, applies for Survivor, reads, works out, and tries to live the American dream. All of these things are fueled by his strong love for coffee. He remains encouraged for the coming year of retreats, making new friends, and building his relationship with his bff, God. He also looks especially forward to seeing 2pac live in concert once again in the near future.

  Nick Endo is a member of the FCLC class of 2016 from the Philadelphia, PA area. Although Nick is currently undecided as a major, he is leaning towards Spanish and Natural Science. Nick really enjoys his summer job as the director of a stage show at Sesame Place. Some of Nick's favorite free-time activities include going to the theater, going to the movies, sleeping, eating, and of course, hanging out with friends. His favorite aspect of Fordham retreats is meeting new friends and forming relationships with them. Nick finds God in everyday life in his interactions with friends, in scenic jogs along the Hudson River, and in nature.

Dylan Fowler resides in Chester, New Jersey but originally called Bronxville his home, which is not coincidentally where his favorite place in New York City, Lay's Deli, is.  Dylan is a manager for the Varsity Softball Team, a tour guide, and is currently an RA in Martyrs' Court Jogues.  In his free time, Dylan loves to watch some TV and read some books out on Martyrs' Lawn when the weather is nice enough, and one of his life goals is to be tri-lingual by learning Korean and Spanish!  Over the summer, Dylan traveled to Los Angeles and South Korea, where he stayed a few days in a Buddhist monastery. Dylan sees and experiences God through his friends because they all have different faith views and backgrounds, which excites him.  Dylan is really looking forward to learning from his fellow leaders and retreatants next year, and cannot wait to see you on a retreat!!

Tommy Infurna is a member of the class of 2015, majoring in accounting at the Gabelli School of Business. He's a commuter from Westchester, New York who enjoys baseball (especially the Mets!), listening to country and contemporary Christian music, and playing ultimate frisbee. He is the fifth member of his family to attend Fordham (fun fact: his father was a retreat leader), and in addition to being a retreat leader, Tommy is involved with liturgical ministry as one of the student directors of altar servers. Tommy loves retreat ministry and finds God everyday in the people he meets at Fordham!

Meet Julianne Marzulla- one of our retreat team’s beautiful seniors!  She’s grown a lot since she was born in Manhattan in the summer of 1992.  Currently, she is exploring all of her many interests at Fordham University as an English major and Business minor and she enjoys yoga and reading.  In fact, at one point she was accepted to intern at a publishing company!  On her own time, she loves reading books like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.  Right now, she’s in the middle of the 5th Game of Thrones and likes to refer to herself as a “proud nerd”.  Her favorite outside activity is hiking even though she’s scared of heights!  But she is obviously is up for taking risks, because she applied to be a retreat leader when she was only a freshman, making this her third year on the team.  She is so excited to go into her last year as a retreat leader and cannot wait to see what happens with new members, take on a different responsibility as a senior, and invest a lot of energy into the ministry.  On retreats, she loves how she can focus on her spirituality by finding God within herself and aligning her life with a fullness of being.  She looks forward to going on retreats this year and finding God in all aspects of life!

  Wanda Medina is a junior at Fordham College Lincoln Center. She's a double majoring in History and Latin American Studies. She is a commuter from Yonkers, NY who is very active in the ministries. Wanda enjoys catching re-runs of the housewives and long walks through Central Park.  She also enjoys spending time with children. She has worked in a Day Care for the past two years and has enjoyed every moment of it.  Because of this, she has decided to pursue a teaching degree and is currently in the 5 year Education Track at Fordham.  As a result of retreats, Wanda has found inner piece and believes that it is important to take a break from everyday life to nurture ones faith.
  Jennifer Monsalve was born on September 6, 1992 :) She is from Bergen County, New Jersey. One of the most important things in her life is her Colombian family. Jen is majoring in International Political Economy at FCRH. She loves to get involved, thus you will see her around campus a lot. Jen loves to smile, listen to music, LOVES neon colors, yoga, meeting people, cycling, outdoor activities, chocolate and SLEEPING. Her faith keeps her grounded and is a crucial part of her life. There is no greater enjoyment than finding Christ in others and every small detail. It brings her peace and joy. Her favorite part about retreats is being able to slow down and share with others.
  Angela Owczarek
  Ann Pierret - Ann’s favorite type of shoe is the cowboy boot and rightfully so because she is originally from Arlington, Texas where she sometimes herds cows. Not really, but she likes to pretend. For her dental hygiene, Ann uses Crest toothpaste and enjoys tap-dancing to the funkalicious sounds of Motown blues. If you’re interested,she is a Virgo and is also very good with children; however she’s not looking for anything too serious at this moment. You can see her around campusco-anchoring or assistant producing the Fordham Nightly News! Ann regularly gives shout-outs to her two older siblings during prayer time and her past-3am snack of choice is Oreos with peanut butter. Plus she is a very good sharer. As far as retreats go, she loves the community building aspect, especially when it includes making pizza. Word to your mother. Mother Mary, that is.
  Alexander "Alex" Placke, SJ graced this Earth with his birth on March 23, 1992. He is from Belleville, Illinois, and believe it or not he commutes to Fordham from home… his new home in Ciszek Hall on Belmont Avenue that is! Alex attended Saint Louis University High School, and upon graduating entered into the Society of Jesus. One of the highlights of his first year at Fordham has been seeing “The Book of Mormon” on Broadway. His involvements on campus include CLC, Praise and Worship, Holy Hour, retreats (of course!), and playing catcher for the Jesuit softball team- the Blaqrobes! In his free time Alex enjoys reading fiction and fantasy novels, cheering for his home town St. Louis Blues hockey team, and is an avid bird watcher- rumors have it that he spotted over 150 species of birds in a single year! He is a huge believer in the Jesuit mantra “Finding God in all things,” which is the guiding force for his faith life. Few people know that Alex's favorite way to waste time on facebook is by playing the free games, as he is an expert at Farmville!
Mike Prescia comes from the south shore of LawnGuyland and shares his birthday with Michelangelo on March 6. He takes pleasure in making new friends, baking, arts and crafts, and going on adventures. You’ll typically spot him on campus smiling, making funny faces, and tripping because he doesn’t pay attention to curbs. Mike is a member of the class of 2014 and he is majoring in theology. Mike views faith as a journey of striving, challenge, and love, and each day is another blessed opportunity for more footsteps on that journey. Retreats are a soft spot for Mike because he is particularly fond of the community they foster, the opportunities for reflection, and the food of course. Mike is so excited to be a part of the team, to grow in faith through this ministry, and to have this opportunity to meet new friends!
  Erin Regan hails from the small state Rhode Island, but has a strong affinity for Boston sports teams. (Not Sorry!) She was born on September 9th, 1992 and will graduate in 2014 with a dual-degree in International Political Economy and Theology. Erin loves all things Fordham, so her involvment is quite heavy. She feels that the strong faith community adds to the overall vibe of Fordham’s lively campus. She finds God in beautiful liturgies or every Wednesday at Praise and Worship, but most often she finds God in her friends, in music, in classes, or even in a cup of coffee. She is not sure what the future will bring but she hopes to travel quite a bit and figure out her purpose.

Mary Frances Richardson - On October 6th 1992, the world was given the great and sunny gift of Mary Frances Richardson. A native of the Boston area, Mary Fran spends her time (and probably has done so most of her life) spreading joy to those around her with her big smile and purely kind heart. As a sociology major and history minor, Mary Fran spends her non-school time interning at LIFT, a non-profit organization in the Bronx, working with Jumpstart training college students to work in low-income preschools, and holding a position as an editor of the yearbook. As if that wasn't enough, Mary Fran is also a co-founder of Future Child Advocates of Fordham. She's been on a GO! project, serves as a liturgical minister, loves to travel (and in fact recently went to China!), reads and does yoga...and somehow managed to make time to grace the retreat team with her wonderful presence. During her first year as a retreat leader (and her third at Fordham), Mary Frances is most excited to meet new people and to meet herself. She tries to align her head and her heart, be attentive and intentional in her actions, and intends to continuously grow into the person she is called to be. 

Lauren Ross was born August 18, 1992 and is a long way from her home in the Rocky Mountains of beautiful Colorado. She is a member of the FCRH class of 2015 studying theology, Spanish, and humanitarian affairs and she hopes to go to medical school. She loves the outdoors, rock climbing, hiking, swing dancing, stargazing, and llamas. She is likely to make weird sounds and say things like “merp”, “mrahhh”, and “shmeh”, but hey, that’s okay. If she could be any superhero, it would most definitely be Batman. She tries to live her life loving people for who they are and where they are, looking for Jesus in each person that she meets. Her favorite things about retreats are talking to people about faith and the peacefulness of the retreat house.
  Maggie Shelledy knows the words to almost every Disney movie song ever.  She was born on August 12th, 1992 and embraces her hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin with an unbelievable fervor.  When she’s not talking about the wonders of Lake Michigan, the one-skyscraper skyline, or the scene in Blues Brothers when their car flies off the bridge (filmed in downtown Milwaukee!), she enjoys studying for all of her classes in hopes of figuring out just what she wants to major in... Last development is History and Spanish, but we’ll see. Maggie’s in the class of 2014 and loves her time on retreats, especially that blessed time of connection that’s spent with other people enjoying God’s loving presence. She also owns overalls.
Hailing from Queens, New York, Dan Stracquadanio is a member of the class of 2015. He is beginning his second year on the retreat team, and cannot wait to continue working with the amazing people and community of retreat ministry that make being a leader so rewarding. Besides being a retreat leader, he is involved in Christian Life Communities, Residence Hall Association, and Global Outreach at Fordham’s Rose Hill campus. Recently, he was asked to be a model for Fordham’s FLASH magazine. Dan also sings in the university and Gloria Dei choirs and is a part of the Praise and Worship band. When he’s not busy singing and playing in a band, he sings and plays in a band called the Keating Steps!
Megan "Meg" Wrinn is a class of 2014 English major and Spanish minor at Rose Hill.  Her birthday is November 14, 1992, and she was born and raised in Norwalk, CT, where she has a twin sister and a younger sister, a shih-tzu named Frankie, and a female cat named Carlos.  Megan is very involved with her church back home and mentors middle-school girls in her area as a way to help them grow in their faith and identity in Christ.  She loves hiking, playing her guitar, and sitting in the sun.  While at school, she tutors once a week at Rosedale, leads a CLC, is on the Respect for Life E-board, and sings for Praise & Worship on campus.  Megan loves Retreat Ministry because it creates a comfortable space to grow in relationship with God and others.     


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