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Who goes...
All first-year students hoping to live meaningful lives and who seek to connect with other freshmen who want to do the same.

What happens..
Peer leaders share reflections and facilitate small group conversations and prayer on topics related to your journey to Fordham and your life here so far.
Reflect individually on what matters most to you and what you want your vision for your college experience to be.
Build community through conversation, prayer, food, and fun.
Grow in faith, make new friends, and have some fun!

Fresh-Vision draws from the fruits of Catholic-Christian spirituality and welcomes students of all faith backgrounds and experiences to help one another begin to "discover what you believe, and find where you belong" through shared experiences, prayers, and conversations with one another.


Fordham's beautiful House of Prayer in Goshen, NY.

Fresh-Vision 18: September 26-28, 2014
Fresh-Vision 19: January 30-February 1, 2015

A weekend retreat from Friday (3:30pm) to Sunday (3:30pm).

What they are saying...

"Go on Fresh-Vision because you find out that other freshman have the same concerns, doubts, hopes and beliefs that you do." (Retreatant on Fresh-Vision 16, Fall 2013)
"It is a great way to recharge your spirituality and take a step back from your daily responsibilities and really reflect on what's truly important." (Retreatant on Fresh-Vision 17, Spring 2014)
"It is well worth it and tops anything else that would go on during the weekend. The people are great. On top of everything else, Fresh-Vision is just plain good for your soul." (Retreatant on Fresh-Vision 17, Spring 2014)

For More Information...
Contact Erin Hoffman, Asst. Director for Spiritual Programs, 718-817-4509, McGinley 206


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