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"God has created a world of diverse inhabitants and this is good."

-Society of Jesus
Decree 2.22, GC 35
Fordham’s Campus Ministry supports the faith of all students and encourages them to embrace their own religious faith traditions during their formative collegiate careers. The University would not be true to its mission if it did not do so. Without question, one’s faith is a great gift of God that must be respected and nourished. We encourage students to learn more about their own faith tradition by examining its teachings and values in an academic yet very personal way. Students will also be offered opportunities to learn from one another about other faith traditions.
Precisely because Fordham is a University in the Catholic and Jesuit traditions, we abide by the principles of religious freedom which protect, on the one hand, the rights of individuals to practice their own religion and, on the other, not to be unduly harassed by members of another religion. In this way, we wish to safeguard the freedom of all our students.

Please click on the links for information on programs and contacts for various religious traditions. 

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