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The Liturgy is at the center of Catholic life and our worshiping community at Fordham.  "Liturgy" means "work of the people;" a public, communal prayer in which each person has a role. At Fordham, we gather for Masses and prayer services to celebrate milestones, give thanks, gather strength, and grow in love. Students are integrally involved in each aspect of our liturgies.

Our liturgies include Masses on Sundays and each day of the week. We also gather to mark milestones in campus life, from Freshmen Orientation to the Baccalaureate Mass before commencement, and to celebrate holy days and feasts throughout the year. Our Masses are complemented by Praise and Worship, prayer services, Eucharistic adoration, and regular celebration of the Sacrament of Reconiciliation.

Students take part as sacristans, lectors, musicians, Eucharistic ministers, altar servers, media ministers, environmental ministers and hospitality. After one year of service, liturgical ministers can deepend their participation by being student leaders on the Liturgy Board.

School Year Liturgy Schedule at Rose Hill

Sunday Liturgies
5:30 PM Saturday Vigil - Keating Blue Chapel
11:00 AM - University Church
5:00 PM - Our Lady's Chapel (Lower Level of the Church
8:00 PM - University Church

Weekday Liturgies
8:30 AM M- F in Blue Chapel, Keating Hall
12:05 PM M-F in Sacred Heart Chapel, Dealy Hall
12 -12:30 PM M-F Reconciliation, Reconciliation Room (at entrance to University Church)
5:30 PM T-F - Spellman Hall

Note: This Schedule is in effect while classes are in session. The academic schedule is found here.
When there are no classes, but administrative offices are open, Mass is celebrated at 11:00 ONLY on Sundays,
and at 12:05 PM ONLY Monday through Friday.


Kathryn Anderson
University Church 01 (Lower Level)

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