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Liturgical Ministry | Meet Our Presiders

Fr. Philip Florio, S.J.  Assistant Vicepresident for Campus Ministry

Fr. Joseph McShane, S.J.   President
Fordham University

Msgr. Joseph Quinn  
Vice President, University Mission and Ministry

Fr. John Cecero, S.J. 
Professor of Psycology

Fr.Claudio Burgaleta, S.J.
Professor Religion and Religious Education

Fr. Tom Marciniak, S.J.  Minister, Murray-Weigel Hall

Fr. Thomas Scirghi, S.J. 
Rector, Spellman Hall
Professor of Theology

Fr. Joseph Koterski, S.J.  Professor of Philosophy
Master of Queen's Court

Fr. Michael Tueth, S.J.  Professor of Communication and Media Studies

Fr. Patrick Ryan, S.J.  Laurence J. McGinley Professor of Religion

Fr. Bentley Anderson, S.J.  
Associate Professor of African and African American Studies

Fr. Daniel O'Brien, S.J.  
Retired Assistant Dean FCRH

Fr. Martin Chase, S.J.  
Professor of English
O'Hare Hall

Fr. Gregory Waldrop, S.J.  
Assistant Professor 
of Art History 

Fr. Mark Mossa, S.J.  
Doctoral Candidate
 in Theology

Fr. Paul McNelis, S.J.  
Professor of International Finance, GBA

Fr. David Marcotte, S.J.  
Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology

Fr. Tom Krettick, S.J.  
Director of the First Studies Program at Ciszek Hall

Fr. Drance, S.J.  
Artist-in-Residence, Department of Theatre and Visual Arts

Fr. Gatti, S.J.  
Alumni Chaplain

Fr. Robert Grimes, S.J.
Dean of Fordham College Lincoln Center

Fr. Vincent DeCola, S.J.  
Assistant Dean of First Year Students

Fr. John Shea, S.J.  
Director of Campus Ministry at Lincoln Center

Fr. Christopher Cullen, S.J.  
Associate Professor of Philosophy

Fr. Edward Dowling, S.J.  
Professor of Economics


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