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We couldn't celebrate without you!
Everyone has a role to play in the liturgy, whether you are praying silently, singing along with gusto, or serving in a more visible way. And everyone has a gift that can enhance the liturgy, whether it's a friendly smile to welcome others, creative flair to prepare the Church for liturgical seasons, a beautiful speaking voice to proclaim the readings. Why not consider bringing your gift to the community as a liturgical minister? Here you'll find out more about our liturgical ministers and student Liturgy Board, find out how you can sign up, and get some resources.

Meet the Liturgy Board!

The Liturgy Board support and empower liturgical ministers. Co-chairs from each of our ministries train new ministers, answer questions, organize social events, and coordinate schedules.

Read more about our ministries below!


Liturgical Minister Instructions

Altar Servers
Eucharistic Ministers
Hospitality Ministers

Join a MinistryClick here for the liturgical minister sign up,

or contact Katie Anderson at
Media Ministry
Vincent Pellizzi and Jordan Catalana

 Altar Server Ministry
  Pat Burns and Tommy Infurna

Students who enjoy technology and media are encouraged to help us with our expanding technological needs in the University Church by setting up microphones, operating our live web cast video equipment, serving as announcers for WFUV radio, and taking pictures on a regular basis. They also use social media to keep the community informed about our liturgies.

  Altar Servers are ministers who assist the priest during the Mass, and prepare the altar for the Eucharistic celebration. People who are called to be Altar Servers serve the priest by:

  • Using incense during the Mass.
  • Carrying the cross in and out of Church.
  • Holding the book for the priest to offer the prayers of the Mass.
  • Preparing the table with the gifts of bread and wine.

    Liturgical Environment Ministry

    Tiffany Melillo & Mary Frances Richardson
    Sacristan Ministry
    Pat Cahill
    The Liturgical Environment Ministry creates a prayerful, beautiful environment in the Church. Creative people who are called to Liturgical Environment Ministry:
    • Meet monthly to plan the environment of our Sunday liturgies according to the liturgical seasons and themes.
    • Provide the best environment for praying, worshipping, and celebrating in the University Church .

    Student Sacristans have hearts that desires to serve the Fordham worshipping community in a unique way. A sacristan must be able to assume resposibility, have self-confidence, and a certain amount of level-headedness to handle unexpected situations, should they arise. The main areas of this ministry are:

    • Liturgical preparation and clean-up for Sunday Mass in the University Church or Weekday Masses in Dealy Chapel.
    • first one to arrive in the University Church or Dealy Chapel and last one to leave. 
    Eucharistic Ministry
    Rosemary DerocherStephanie Roddy
    Hospitality Ministry
    Stephanie Kawalski and Shannon Donovan
    Ministers of the Eucharistic assist the priest in distributing the Body and Blood of Jesus during Communion. People who are called to this ministry share a deep love for Christ, and a desire to share Him with others by:
    • Reverently and respectfully distributing the Body and Blood of Jesus to the assembly.
    • Respecting each communicant’s wish regarding the reception of communion.
      Ministers of Hospitality have the important role of making the Fordham community feel welcome at Church by:
    • Greeting parishioners
    • Distributing song sheets
    • Collecting the alms
    • Offering hospitality after Mass.
    Lector Ministry
    Lauren Iannelli
    Music Ministry
     Meg Horgan
    People who are called to be lectors enjoy reading in public, and have a desire to learn more about the scriptures. Lectors serve at the Mass by:
    • Preparing and proclaiming the scripture readings.
    • Leading the congregation in the prayers of intercession, and alms announcement.
    • Carrying the book of Gospels in the entrance procession.

    Students called to the Music Ministry love to sing and praise God through song. There are two types of choirs that help the Fordham community worship.

    • The Liturgical Choir sings traditional hymns at the 11:00 a.m. Sunday Mass
    • The Folk Choir sings contemporary songs of praise at the 9:00 p.m. Sunday Mass
    Student Liturgical Coordinators

    Francesca Leite
    Coordinators are students who have more than one year of experience in at least one of our liturgical ministries. They coordinate the various lay ministers at our Sunday Masses by:
    • CoordinatingEucharistic Ministers, Altar Servers,and Lectors at Mass.
    • Overseeing the alms collection and gift bearers during the offertory.
    • Serving as a liaison betweenthe priest and liturgical ministers.
    Liturgical Ministers are part of campus ministry outside of Mass, too! 
    They created these birdseed ornaments for our University Christmas tree, which fed cardinals and chickadees on campus. 
     Liturgical Ministers celebrated Mardi Gras with friends.

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