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We welcome your interest in learning from and serving in our community through one of the following community organizations.  The following organizations, listed by type, are opportunities available to volunteer on a weekly basis.  If you are interested in getting more information or would like to connect with one of our volunteer opportunities, please follow the link, Volunteer Interest Profile.

Ongoing Programs and Projects


Arts Education

Free Arts NYC
Free Arts NYC provides under-served children and families with a unique combination of educational arts and mentoring programs that help them to foster the self-confidence and resiliency needed to realize their fullest potential.

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Semiperm houses 23 formerly homeless, single-parent families for 2-5 years, and provides them with supportive programs and services that help them gain the skills needed to become self-sufficient and achieve a lasting transition to permanent housing.

Mabel Barrett Fitzgerald Day Care Center
Semiperm houses 23 formerly homeless, single-parent families for 2-5 years, and provides them with supportive programs and services that help them gain the skills needed to become self-sufficient and achieve a lasting transition to permanent housing.

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Civic Engagement

Generation Citizen
Generation Citizen (GC) strengthens our nation's democracy by empowering young people to become engaged and effective citizens. We envision a democracy in which every citizen participates in the political process. GC teaches teenagers direct political action. Through an innovative in-class curriculum, students work with local leaders to fix local problems. Through this real-world experience, our teens are building an active democracy.

The Coalition for Debtor Education
The Coalition’s mission is to assist consumers, particularly vulnerable populations, understand and improve their ability to manage their financial affairs. We are also committed to empirical assessment, including of our own programs, and to studying key issues affecting consumer finance.

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Community Development/Community Organizing

Community Voices Heard
Community Voices Heard is an organization of low-income people, predominately women with experience on welfare, working to build power in New York City and State to improve the lives of our families and communities. We are currently working on welfare reform, job creation, public housing and other economic justice issues that affect low-income people, particularly low-income women of color.

Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation
NMIC is a community-based, nonprofit organization founded in 1979 that serves Washington Heights and Inwood, in upper Manhattan working to stabilize the community and help residents build a better life. We achieve this by preserving affordable housing through legal services, community organizing, and building weatherization; by promoting economic self-sufficiency through adult education and workforce development; and by stabilizing families through social services, health education, and domestic violence intervention.

CAAAV works to build grassroots community power across diverse poor and working class Asian immigrant and refugee communities in New York City. Through an organizing model constituted by five core elements- base building, leadership development, campaigns, alliances, and organizational development- CAAAV organizes communities to fight for institutional change and participates in a broader movement towards racial, gender, and economic justice.

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LSA Family Health Service
The Little Sisters of the Assumption Family Health Service, founded in 1958, works with the people of East Harlem to address the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual dimensions of family health. Today, we offer a broad range of integrated health care, social service, education, early childhood development, advocacy and crisis counseling services to thousands of the most vulnerable families in East Harlem.

The Momentum Project
The Momentum Project fosters health and wellness by providing nutritious communal meals and supportive services to any person in need in New York City, especially those living with HIV/AIDS or other chronic illness. In offering a caring enviroment where hope can develop, Momentum nurtures the spirit of those we serve and improves their quality of life.

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Housing Court Answers
At Housing Court Answers we help people in New York City navigate the complex world of Housing Court and NYC’s tangle of housing laws and regulations. We are the first and best place to go to in New York City for information about Housing Court. We help people without lawyers at our information tables in the city’s Housing Courts, on our hotline, and through this website. Here you will find our detailed information sheets on Housing Court procedures and information about the courts.

Housing Conservation Coordinators
Mission: Housing Conservation Coordinators is a community-based, not-for-profit organization anchored in the Hell’s Kitchen/Clinton neighborhood of Manhattan's West Side. We are dedicated to advancing social and economic justice and fighting for the rights of poor, low-income and working individuals and families. With a primary focus on strengthening and preserving affordable housing, we seek to promote a vibrant and diverse community with the power to shape its own future.

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Xavier Mission
Xavier Mission seeks to welcome, serve and empower those in our New York City community who are in need of human and material support. We provide food, clothing, shelter and life-skills training, guided always by a spirit of love and respect and the goal of building self-sufficiency and self-esteem. Our work reflects the Jesuit principle of advocating social justice, and the tradition of the Church of St. Francis Xavier of fostering a community where the poor and marginalized find a home.

Stephen Wise Free Synagogue
The SWFS Next Step Homeless Shelter works to provide shelter for ten men, five nights a week nine months of the year. Our goal is to provide a warm, caring, and safe environment for men who are in a transitional period in their lives. Volunteers also help with preparation at night and then greet the men when they arrive. SWOS is always looking for volunteers to help in both the setup process and in sleeping over. The time commitment for setting up is approximately 2 hours per week, from 6:15-8:15 PM (for one night of setting up), or from 8PM-7:30AM when sleeping over.

Nazareth Housing
Nazareth Housing is committed to the promotion of housing stability and economic independence among low income families and individuals of New York City, through the provision of homelessness prevention services, emergency family shelter, supportive housing, and urgent needs assistance.

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Asociacion Tepeyac de Nueva York
Tepeyac works with Latino immigrants advising them on labor rights, immigration, tenant-landlord cases as well as coordinating cultural events. Tepeyac is devoted to inform, organize, and educate Mexican and Latino immigrants and their families about rights, resources, develop community leaders and organizations.

Mixteca Organization
Our mission is to empower Mexican and Latin-American immigrants of the New York area by providing them access to services that enhance their quality of life and will allow them to reach sustainable and economic development. We offer a variety of programs and services that respond to the specific needs of immigrant families and aim to build a supportive environment for the growing immigrant community

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MCCNY Charities. Inc.
MCCNY Charities, Inc. encompasses the social service ministries of Metropolitan Community Church of New York (MCCNY). Through providing social services for the homeless and the hungry, including people living with HIV/AIDS, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) youth, and building a sense of community, MCCNY Charities, Inc. furthers the broader mission of MCCNY in bringing the world to just and right relationship.

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Special Needs

KEEN New York
KEEN is a national, nonprofit volunteer-led organization that provides one-to-one recreational opportunities for children and young adults with developmental and physical disabilities at no cost to their families and caregivers. KEEN's mission is to foster the self-esteem, confidence, skills and talents of its athletes through non-competitive activities, allowing young people facing even the most significant challenges to meet their individual goals.

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Broadway Housing Communities
Broadway Housing Communities is a New York City non-profit housing developer committed to providing innovative permanent housing for individuals and families in the greatest need. Their supportive housing combines permanent low-income housing with support services designed to meet the needs of their tenants and enable them to live independently. They are looking for volunteers to serve as mentors or tutors for elementary school students. Tutoring would be a once a week commitment and the schedule is flexible.

East Harlem Tutorial Program
EHTP provides out-of-school time programs for K-12 students in the East Harlem area. We prepare them with the academic skills, strength of character and emotional well-being to excel in high school and college, to lead in their communities, and to realize their best possible selves.

Fresh Youth Initiatives
Fresh Youth Initiatives is a non-profit youth development organization in the Washington Heights community of Northern Manhattan in New York. Established in 1993, FYI is committed to providing youth with positive opportunities through community service, leadership development, academic support, and enrichment activities.

Publicolor’s mission is to counter inner-city public schools’ alarming dropout rate by engaging disconnected youth in their education through a continuum of design-based programs and academic support. Unique to Publicolor—and central to our mission—is the beautification and revitalization of public spaces in schools and community centers through the hard work of our students and volunteers using the power of paint, color, and design, and collaborations that engage students and the community as a whole.

St. Aloysius School
St. Aloysius is a pre-kindergarten through 8th grade independent Jesuit school located in Central Harlem. We do this through a comprehensive, academically challenging, literature-based program that includes support of the family and the whole child. Our goal is to empower our students with an ever-expanding appreciation of their cultural heritage, a healthy sense of self-esteem, and a life-long commitment to being a person for others.

Star Learning Center@ Goodard Riverside Community Center
Star Learning Center provides one-to-one tutoring to low-income students in grades 2-12 in all academic subjects.

Union Settlement Association
Union Settlement Association is an on-the-ground resource for East Harlem residents of all ages, and a passionate advocate for the needs of underserved communities. Since opening our doors in 1895, we have brought education, wellness and community-building programs to our neighborhood, empowering New Yorkers with opportunities to better their lives. By helping our neighbors realize their goals, we build the vitality and success of East Harlem

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Women's Issues

New York Asian Women’s Center
The New York Asian Women’s Center (NYAWC) is the largest Asian American focused domestic violence agency in the country, a premier human trafficking serving organization, and a national demonstration project that provides model services to survivors of sexual assault.

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