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Integrated Service-Learning Community

The Integrated Service-Learning Community

Our mission is to provide an intentional community for students to learn about, work alongside, and become invested in the local Bronx community while learning to become servant leaders. 

The Office of Residential Life, the Dorothy Day Center for Service and Justice, and the Service Learning Program have collaborated to develop the Integrated Service Learning Community (ISLC) to help empower residents to grow in knowledge and faith that inspires, challenges and nourishes them to become change agents and lead a life seeking justice.The ISLC will be structured to encourage students to explore our Jesuit mission to become a person for and with others by incorporating service and social justice, academics, leadership development and intentional community. 

The ISLC is structured around seven core values:
Social Awareness
Intentional Living

ISLC offer opportunities for residents to take on leadership roles in facilitating understanding about their experiences with their peers. Through strategic collaborative programming, including faculty lectures and facilitated discussion, community organization presentations, and community reflections, we will encourage residents to consider service and social justice issues from the micro-lens to a macro-analysis and becoming servant leaders by facilitating opportunities for others.

Residents will develop a greater appreciation of the importance of learning the history of the community in which you live, the larger structures that contribute to its struggle’s and ways to impact change on the individual, community and societal levels. The ISLC seeks to ultimately encourage, inspire, challenge and nourish young men and women for and with others in making our world a better place.

For more information on the goals, values and requirements of the Integrated Service-Learning Community, click here

Members of the 2010-2011 ISLC on a fall adventure.

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