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Application Process

What You Should Know Before Applying
Please do not be discouraged if you do not get selected for the first project that you apply for. Many students apply several times before being chosen for a team. Remember that there is a huge demand for Global Outreach projects, so in some cases you will be competing with a large pool of applicants. Some people have interviewed for as many as ten projects before finding the right project. Seasoned GO! veterans believe that "the project will find you." So do not get frustrated if you do not achieve success early in your application process. In addition, many students get selected for a project that they were not initially interested in, but they usually find that it was the perfect fit for them. 

How it Works
Applications are due no later than 5 PM on their due date. Please see The Projects section of the website for each project's application deadline. You can apply directly on-line from the Apply to Global Outreach page. Once your application is complete, go to the GO! office to sign up for an interview with the team's leader. The Lincoln Center GO! office is located in room 217 of the Lowenstein Building and the Rose Hill GO! office is located in room 205 of the McGinley Student Center. You will hear the results of the interview approximately ten days later. If you did not get the project for which you interviewed, you can come back to the GO! office on the due date of the next project that interests you. It is not necessary to submit a new application. 

The Interview
You will be interviewed by two people -- the team leader and the chaperone or a Board member. They will conduct all interviews and read all applications, searching for questions which will draw out the specific traits and characteristics of your personality, trying to get a team as diverse and harmonious as possible. Some of the questions might resemble the application questions, but a little more in depth, possibly making specific references to answers and issues raised within your application essays. It is important to understand that any deferral from a team is not a reflection of your personality but a result of a leader's attempt to create a careful balance of personalities. While providing suggestions as to what type of team dynamics have worked in the past, the Board leaves the decision making process entirely up to the leader, placing our full trust upon that individual.

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