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Midnight Run & the GO! Forth Event Series


Midnight Runs are one-time programs, at Rose Hill, where we bring food and clothing to the homeless men and women of New York City. Midnight Runs are based on the Global Outreach model where we institute three distinct phases: the preparation, the service event, and the follow up. 

For the preparation aspect, the groups will meet prior to the event to go over safety precautions and to discuss the importance of releasing preconceived notions about those who are residentially challenged. After the preparation meeting, we load up Ram Vans with food, clothing and toiletries to bring to various predetermined spots. Upon returning to Fordham, the group will debrief and reflect on their experiences. As is the case with any GO! project, all three phases are of equal importance. 

Midnight Runs are scheduled about once a month. To sign up, please stop by the GO! office at RH (McGinley 205) to register. The sign-up is posted about one week prior to the event. Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is a $10 deposit which is reimbursed the night of the run. The deposit ensures that those who sign up are committed to participating in the run. All unclaimed deposits are used to purchase toiletries and socks for future runs. To find out about upcoming Midnight Runs, please visit the Upcoming Events section of the website.  

For additional information about Midnight Runs, please contact Katie O'Marra, PJ Brogan, or Erin Biggins all of whom are GO! Board members who organize the Midnight Runs. 

GO! Forth Event Series
GO! Forth is an event series at Lincoln Center meant to engage the Fordham community and encourage learning on a global scale within the walls of Fordham University. There will be lectures, discussions, activities, and documentaries sponsored by the Global Outreach Student Executive Board. The workshops will give students the opportunity to learn about and address issues of injustice in their local community and enrich their understanding of GO's four pillars of community, spirituality, simple living, and social justice.

For additional information about the GO! Forth Event Series, please contact the GO! Board at Lincoln Center at Please also see the Upcoming Events page for the dates of the Midnight Runs and GO! Forth events.

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