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The Matthew J. Lavan Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Matthew J. Lavan Scholarship is awarded annually to a participant in the Global Outreach project to India. The scholarship was founded by the friends and family of Matthew J. Lavan, FCRH ’98, who passed away in 2003. As a student, Matthew participated in numerous Global Outreach projects and served in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps after graduating from Fordham. Each year, the friends and family of Matthew support a student who exemplifies his spirit and commitment to service and humanity.

The Eileen Ahern Sullivan and Francis J. Sullivan Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Eileen Ahern Sullivan and Francis J Sullivan Endowed Scholarship Fund provides financial support to several Global Outreach participants each year. Established in 2008 by Mary Anne Sullivan, TMC '73, in honor of her parents' 60th wedding anniversary, the Eileen Ahern and Francis J. Sullivan Endowed Scholarship Fund will provide an annual award of $2,000 to a deserving student. In creating the scholarship, Mary Anne Sullivan selected the Global Outreach program as the beneficiary because she felt our work reflected her parents’ commitment to their faith, social justice and spirituality.  

The Peter Aquilone Service Award 
Established in 2005, the Peter Aquilone Service Award provides financial support to students who are struggling to raise the necessary funds for their Global Outreach experience. Throughout his life, Aquilone, who graduated from Fordham College at Rose Hill in 1992, was committed to various issues of social and economic justice. During his time at Fordham, he participated in numerous Global Outreach projects, which had a lasting impact on his life.

The Richard Juelis Endowed Scholarship Fund
Richard Juelis, FCRH ‘70, established this Fund in honor of his family. The Scholarship provides financial support to students participating in the Global Outreach program who are interested in the Lithuania project. The Endowment’s goal is to educate students regarding historical and current social injustices in Eastern Europe.  

The Damian F. Arno endowed scholarship fund
The Damian F. Arno Endowed Scholarship Fund was established by Frank and Rita Arno, MC '91, in memory of their son.  It originally supported students at the Marymount campus who sought to learn about issues of global concern by participating in the study abroad program.  Through the generous support of the Arno family, the scholarship provides support to undergraduate students participating in the Global Outreach program. 

The Andrea Stella Scholarship Fund
The Andrea Stella Scholarship Fund was created to aid students who need additional support to participate in GO! projects beyond what their networks can contribute. Named after Andréa Stella, FCRH ’08, a staunch advocate for the fight against HIV/AIDS, in honor of her efforts to plan and lead Global Outreach South Africa 2006. The fund was founded by team member Nick Andris, GSB ’08.  It seeks to enable passionate, curious students to gain cultural perspective and challenge their beliefs while developing close connections and a desire to live in solidarity. 

Each year, announcements will be made regarding awards and application instructions. You may also check the Upcoming Events page for scholarship information.    

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