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Top Row (left to right): Stephen McGowan, Natalie DeVaughn, Dylan Katz, Hanna Tadevich, Sara McDonough, Hannah Anderson. Bottom Row (left to right): Mariette Dorobis, Gianna Sciangula, Matthew Leon, Nick Lawton

Global Outreach is a student led organization. It is managed by a Board of undergraduates which, with the guidance of its advisor, Stephen McGowan, also known as the GOracle, is responsible for both daily operations and future planning. Anyone who has participated in a Global Outreach trip and who has a GPA of at least 2.5 is eligible to apply for the Board. Applications can be picked up in Lowenstein Room 217C.
Hannah Anderson - Programming Coordinator
Hannah Anderson is one of the GO! Board's programming coordinators. She is a junior at Fordham majoring in Communication and Media Studies with a concentration in journalism and a minor in Women's Studies. Last year she participated in GO! Dominican Republic. In her free time she likes to get student rush tickets to the ballet, lecture her brother on feminism, reread Harry Potter, and watch cat videos. 

Natalie DeVaughn - Treasurer
Natalie is treasurer of the GO! Board and a senior International studies major/history minor. She was a team member on GO! New Orleans in Spring 2013, and she will be leading GO! Dominican Republic in Spring 2015. She has a cat named Angelfish, with whom she hopes to travel across the country after graduation.
Mariette Dorobis - Programming Coordinator
Mariette Dorobis is a senior at FCLC, and GO! has definitely been the best part of her college experience! She has had the privilege to participate in GO! Nicaragua, GO! Camden, and serve on the Board for three years. She is so excited to capstone her beautiful and transformative experience by leading GO! Camden 2014. When she is not in the GO! office, she can be found studying Communications and Media Studies, drinking coffee, or watching all that Netflix has to offer in the realm of Teen Dramas. While she is terrified to graduate, she could not be more grateful to the GO!mmunity for giving her so many tools to be a productive member of the world. 

Dylan Katz - Co-President
Dylan Katz, an aspiring singer-songwriter with a small wallet but big dreams, from Massachusetts (the gem of New England), is a senior Environmental Policy/Communications double major. As Co-President of GO! Dylan hopes to get new students involved both by applying for projects and attending our GO! Forth Series Events. He is super excited to be leading GO! Chicago this year and hopes to find success in his future as Lady Gaga’s doormat.
Nick Lawton - Networking Coordinator
Nick’s involvement in Global Outreach as the one and only Networking Coordinator gives him so much joy! GO has truly changed his life and made him so much more aware of the world around him. He was a team member of GO Florida last year, and plans on doing a summer project in the next upcoming year.
Matthew Leone - Marketing Coordinator
This year on the Global Outreach Board Matthew's position is Marketing Coordinator. While at Fordham Matthew has participated in the 2014 GO! Ecuador project. Matthew's major is International Studies and he is a member of the class of 2017 at Fordham. Matthew is from the Chicago area, and in his free time enjoys reading, watching TV, and going outdoors. 

Sara McDonough - Communications Coordinator
Sara is a senior Communications major and Psychology minor. She was a team member of GO! New Orleans 2013 and was Communications Coordinator of the 2013-2014 GO! Board. When Sara is not watching The Golden Girls, she can be found either shooting the breeze on the Plaza, quoting The Princess Diaries, or talking about her diva of a cat Cookie (or all of the above). There is also no limit to the amount of times Sara can watch Bridget Jones's Diary.

Gianna Sciangula - Co-President
Gianna, who is in denial about being a senior, commutes from the hippest part of Brooklyn. She had amazing experiences on her three domestic projects (GO! Camden 2012, GO! Waynesburg 2013, GO! New Orleans 2014) with her great team members, and is extremely excited to be a part of the Board again this year. Gianna is very sassy and sarcastic, but will fool you into thinking she's quiet and shy. She enjoys singing, reading, baking, traveling, and spreading her passion for Global Outreach!

Hanna Tadevich - Secretary
Hanna Tadevich hails from the great Midwest and might still be a farm girl at heart. But GO! broadened her horizons to Ecuador during freshman year and the Dominican Republic sophomore year. Last year she led a beautiful team on GO! Camden and this year she looks forward to returning to Ecuador as a leader! Loves include dance, music, bicycles, burritos, cats, Finland, and the Elton John Pandora station. Daily necessities include coffee, being outdoors, and a good cry.


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