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The Projects

Check out the GO! Photos page for pictures from last year's projects!

"In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love."
- Mother Teresa

Please note that some projects are based at Lincoln Center while others are based at Rose Hill. Applicants are welcome to apply to projects at either campus. If you are chosen for a project at the alternate campus, you are responsible for attending team meetings, fundraisers, the commissioning ceremony, and the team retreat. The Ram Van office customarily provides passes for team meetings and the commissioning ceremony.

Project Project Dates Home Campus
India   Winter Break   Rose Hill
  Winter Break   Rose Hill
Nicaragua (formerly Belize)   Winter Break   Rose Hill
Ecuador (Working Boys Center)   Winter Break   Lincoln Center
El Salvador   Winter Break   Rose Hill
Guyana   Winter Break   Rose Hill
Glenmary   Winter Break   Rose Hill
Florida   Winter Break   Lincoln Center
New York City   Winter Break   Rose Hill
Camden (NJ)   Winter Break   Lincoln Center
Chicago   Winter Break   Lincoln Center
Nicaragua   Spring Break   Lincoln Center
Guatemala Los Ninos   Spring Break   Rose Hill
Guatemala Habitat
  Spring Break   Rose Hill
Ecuador (Rostro de Cristo)   Spring Break   Rose Hill
Dominican Republc   Spring Break   Lincoln Center
Haiti   Spring Break   Rose Hill
New Orleans (LC)   Spring Break   Lincoln Center
San Diego   Spring Break   Rose Hill
Detroit   Spring Break   Rose Hill
Nashville   Spring Break   Rose Hill
Waynesburg (PA)   Spring Break   Lincoln Center
San Jose (CA)   Spring Break   Rose Hill
Adirondacks   Spring Break   Rose Hill
Ghana   Summer Break   Lincoln Center
South Africa (Johannesburg)   Summer Break   Rose Hill
South Africa (Cape Town)   Summer Break   Rose Hill
Romania   Summer Break   Rose Hill
Brazil   Summer Break   Lincoln Center
New Orleans (RH)  Summer Break   Rose Hill
Alaska   Summer Break   Rose Hill
Navajo   Summer Break   Rose Hill
West   Summer Break   Lincoln Center
Mississippi   Summer Break   Rose Hill

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