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The 3 D's

Global Outreach participants are required to refrain from drinking, drugs, and dating with their community during their GO! experience. This pertains to all aspects of the Global Outreach project including the period of preparation, actual immersion with our partnering community, and follow up meetings and events. These requirements are in place to ensure the integrity of the Global Outreach program and the safety of our students. Building a unified and inclusive community is an integral part of GO!, and these actions can harm that sense of community. Some participants are not yet 21, are uncomfortable with alcohol, or simply choose not to drink. We hope to foster an environment where all students feel welcome and included. Furthermore, we wish to show the utmost respect for our partnering communities, and as such, we require all participants to follow these rules as representatives of Global Outreach and Fordham University. Any infringement on this policy is considered grounds for expulsion from the program.


Global Outreach is a program provided by the university, and, therefore, all participants must conduct themselves in accordance with Fordham's Student Handbook, the University Code of Conduct, and all other applicable rules and regulations. Any use of drugs or alcohol, whether or not the participant is 21 years of age, jeopardizes the integrity and future of Global Outreach projects. Violations of this policy will result in termination of his/her participation in the project (i.e., being flown home at his/her expense) and a formal hearing before the Dean of Students and the Director of Global Outreach upon his/her return.

Community Expectations

Dating or romantic relationships of any kind between participants or among members of our partnering communities is prohibited during the project. This is in respect for community living which is hindered by individuals who are not open to the entire group.

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