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The Seal of the Society
The Ignatian Society of Fordham University

Seal of the Society
The Seal of the Ignatian Society mirrors that of our University as well as Oxford, harkening back to the oldest traditions of the english speaking university. Inscribed in the belt surrounding the seal is the official name of the Ignatian Society, "The Chairs and Fellows of the Ignatian Society of Fordham University." The shield within the seal is set upon a maroon background, the color  of the University. Within the shield there are three main "charges" or symbols: The alternating maroon and gold stripes are from the arms of the Oñaz family, Ignatius' maternal ancestors. The IHS, the first three letters of Jesus' name in greek, surmounted with the cross is used in the arms of the Society of Jesus as well as Fordham University. Finally the Tudor Rose represents the Rose Hill Campus.  The gold border of the sheild contains three Fleur-de-lis, an ancient French symbol that represents the Virgin Mary. In this particular instance it also recalls the first Jesuits who taught at Fordham who originally came from France.
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