The Discourse of Law and Justice in Medieval Europe
24th Annual Medieval Studies Conference
Saturday, March 27, 2004

Fordham University's Center for Medieval Studies is delighted to present its Twenty-Fourth Annual Medieval Studies Conference.

As an intellectual edifice and institutional form, law was practiced in courts and taught in law schools during the middle ages. But law as also discussed in marketplaces, carved on tympanums, and written into romances. Everyone--jurists and clerics, Jews and Christians, husbands and wives, nobles and peasants--had ideas about what law was and what it was supposed to do. These ideas of law and justice framed the ways in which people interacted and thought about this world and the worlds to come. As such, law was a discourse: indeed, one of the most pervasive discourses of the western middle ages. The keynote speaker, Professor Stephen D. White of Emory University, will talk about Treason Trials in Medieval French Literature.

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