The Discourse of Law and Justice in Medieval Europe
24th Annual Medieval Studies Conference
Saturday, March 27, 2004
Conference Program
8:30 am Registration
9:00-10:45 Norms and Languages of the Law (Chair: Daniel Smail, Fordham University)
Paul R. Hyams, Cornell University:
    The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth
Jerold C. Frakes, University of Southern California:
    Law and Justice in Early Yiddish Literature
James D. Mixson, University of Alabama:
    The Letter and the Spirit of the Law: Statute and Devotion and the Observants
10:45-11:15 Break
11:15-12:45 Concurrent Sessions:
Creating the Law (Chair: Martin Chase, SJ, Fordham University)
János M. Bak, Central European University, Budapest:
    Law in Chronicles – Chronicles in Laws in Central Europe
Vickie Ziegler, Pennsylvania State University:
    Decoding the Codes: Treason in the Medieval Charlemagne Epics
Kathryn L. Mapstone, Assumption College:
    Tudor Reformation Discourse and Anglo-Saxon Law

The Performance of Justice (Chair: Katherine Little, Fordham University)
Steven Bednarski, Center for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto:
Judicial Ritual as Public Discourse in a Fourteenth-century Provençal Town: The Example of Manosque
Matthew Giancarlo, Yale University:
    Law, Parliament, and ‘Aesthetic Representation’, ca. 1315-1415
Margaret Pappano, Queens University:
    Body and Blood: The Degradation and Execution of a Heretical Priest, Paris, 1491

12:45-2:30 Lunch
2:30-3:30 Plenary Lecture (Chair: Maryanne Kowaleski, Fordham University)
Stephen White, Emory University:
    Treason Trials in Medieval French Literature
3:30-4:00 Break
4:00-5:45 Concurrent sessions:
The Law of Space (Chair: Wolfgang Mueller, Fordham University)
Sherri Olson, University of Connecticut:
    Trespass Against Whom? Transgressio and Its Meanings in the English Village
Francesca Canadé Sautman, Hunter and Graduate Center, CUNY:
  Banishment in the Thirteenth-century French Nord: The Letter, Law, and the Street
Karl Shoemaker, University of Wisconsin:
    Invitations to Delinquency: Medieval Sanctuary Laws and the Discourses of Injustice

The Space of the Law (Chair: A.E. Wright, Fordham University)
Nadine D. Pederson, CUNY Graduate Center and Université de Paris I:
    Disseminating Discourse: The Medieval Criers of Paris
Giovanna De Appolonia, Boston University:
    From Piazza to Church: Profane and Sacred Justice in Romanesque Stylobate Lions from Northern Italy
Madeline Caviness and Charles Nelson, Tufts University:
    The Law (En)Acted: Performative Space in the Town Hall of Lüneburg
5:45-7:30 Reception
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