Orthodox Readings of Augustine
First International Conference of the Orthodoxy in America Lecture Series
Co-Sponsored by the Center for Medieval Studies, Fordham University
June 14-16, 2007, at the Rose Hill campus of Fordham University in The Bronx
Conference Program

Preliminary Schedule:

Thursday, June 14

6:00     Welcome and Introductions:  George Demacopoulos

6:15     2007 Orthodoxy in America Lecture
            Rev. Dr. Andrew Louth, “Heart in Pilgrimage”: St Augustine's reading of the

Friday, June 15                                         

8:30     Coffee and Announcements                             

9:00     Plenary I:  Brian Daley, SJ, Making a Human Will Divine:  Augustine and
            Maximus on Christ and Human Salvation                                        

10:15   Plenary II:  Jean-Luc Marion, Saint Augustine and the Divine Names

11:30   Lunch                                                              

1:00     Symposium I:  Elizabeth Fisher, Planoudes' “De trinitate,” the Art of translation,
            and the Beholder's Share                                           

1:30     Symposium I:  Reinhard Flogaus, Inspiration-Exploitation-Distortion. The Use of
            St. Augustine in the Hesychast Controversy                                      

2:00     Symposium I:  Combined Discussion                                                    

2:45     Coffee Break                                                   

3:15     Symposium II:  John Behr, Augustine and the Legacy of Nicaea
3:45     Symposium II:  Lewis Ayres, The Spirit of Both?: Reading Augustine's
            Pneumatology in Pro-Nicene Context                                                           

4:15     Symposium II:  Combined Discussion

Saturday, June 16

8:30     Coffee and Announcements

9:00     Plenary III:  David Bentley Hart, The Hidden and the Manifest:  Augustine's "De Trinitate".

10:15   Plenary IV:  David Tracy, Augustine and Contemporary Theology: the Void,
            the Open, the Good, God

11:30   Lunch

1:00     Symposium III: Carol Harrison, Blue in Green: Augustine's Reading of

1:30     Symposium III:  Joe Lienhard, SJ, Augustine of Hippo and the Cappadocian

2:00     Symposium III:  David Bradshaw, Augustine the Metaphysician

2:30     Symposium III:  Combined Discussion

3:30     Coffee Break

4:00     Round Table Discussion:  Chaired by Aristotle Papanikolaou

5:00     Wine reception


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