Remembering the Crusades: Myth, Image and Identity

28th Annual Conference of the Center for Medieval Studies

Fordham University, Lincoln Center, New York City: March 29-30, 2008


Saturday, March 29

8:30     Registration and Coffee, 12th Floor Lounge, Lowenstein

8:55:     Welcome, Maryanne Kowaleski, Director of the Center for Medieval Studies, Fordham University

9:00-10:00        Session 1: Plenary
                        Chair: Nicholas Paul, Fordham University
Aspects of Hospitaller and Templar Memory
Jonathan Riley-Smith, Cambridge University

10:00-10:30     Break

10:30-12:00     Concurrent Sessions

2A. Memory, Controversy, and Apologetics: The Fourth Crusade
Chair:  George E. Demacopoulos, Fordham University

Memory and the Diversion of the Fourth Crusade
Thomas F. Madden, Saint Louis University

Constructing an Honourable Hero for a Controversial Crusade: The Case of Baldwin IX of Flanders
Natasha Hodgson, Nottingham Trent University

Paul the Martyr and Venetian Memories of the Fourth Crusade
David M. Perry, Dominican University

2B. Las Navas de Tolosa: Memories of One War
Chair: Adam J. Kosto, Columbia University

Berenguela of Castile and Las Navas de Tolosa: A Woman Interprets a Crusade
Miriam Shadis, Ohio University

Estote memor: Remembering Las Navas de Tolosa
Miguel Gomez, University of Tennessee

Our Father has Won a Great Victory: Dispatches from the Battlefield of Las Navas de Tolosa
Theresa M. Vann, Hill Museum & Manuscript Library

2C. Romancing the Crusading Past
Chair: Katie Little, Fordham University

Heroes Banned from History in the ‘Chanson de Jérusalem
Filippo Andrei, University of California, Berkeley

‘Thenne three londes gunne they wynne/ And crystenyd alle that was therinne, In romaunse as men rede’:  Reading ‘Sir Isumbras’ as a Crusades Fantasy.
Kate Norako, University of Rochester

Crusading against the Anglo-Saracens:  Richard Hollands ‘Buke of the Howlat’ (c. 1450)
Iain Macleod Higgins, University of Victoria

12:00-1:45       Lunch: a list of local restaurants will be provided

1:45-2:45         Session 3: Plenary
Chair: Suzanne M. Yeager, Fordham University

Sex, Lies, and Paradise: Civilizational Identity in a Shard of Crusading Memory
Geraldine Heng, University of Texas, Austin
2:45-3:15         Coffee Break

3:15-4:45         Concurrent Sessions

4A. Apocalyptic Memories of the Early Crusades
Chair:  Edward Peters, University of Pennsylvania

The Liber Floridus as a Source for Crusade Memory
Jay Rubenstein, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Remembering the Future: Charlemagne, Last Emperor, and the Response to the First Crusade
Matthew Gabriele, Virginia Tech

Reform-Crusade-Apocalypse:  Crusading Imagined by Gerhoh of Reichershberg and Joachim of Fiore
Brett Whalen, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

4B. The Commemorative Image
Chair: Kathryn A. Smith, New York University

Romancing the (Very Recent) Past: Reality, Fantasy, and Crusade Manuscripts at the Court of Philip VI of Valois
Maureen Quigley, Saint Louis University

Visual Self-Fashioning and the Seals of the Knights Hospitaller in England
Laura J. Whatley, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Memory, Crusades and Alternating Voussoirs
Jerrilynn D. Dodds, CUNY, City College

4:45-5:15         Break

5:15-6:15         Concurrent Sessions

5A. Saladin: Memories of One Leader
Chair: Kathryn Kueny, Fordham University

Saladin in the Sunni and Shi’i Memories
Mohamed El-Moctar, Texas Tech University

Now Starring in the Third Crusade: Depictions of Richard I and Saladin in Films and Television Series
Lorraine Kochanske Stock, University of Houston

5B. Crusading and the Carolingian Past
Chair: Richard Gyug, Fordham University

Legitimizing Godfrey: Charlemagne and the Portrayal of Godfrey de Bouillon after the First Crusade
Meghan Holmes Worth, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Quantum praedecessors: The Memory of Charlemagne's Crusade in the Twelfth Century
Jace Stuckey, Louisiana Tech University

5C. Narrative and Memory: Chronicles of the First Crusade
Chair: Clifford J. Rogers, United States Military Academy, West Point

Myths of the First Crusade in Baldric of Dol's amendments of the ‘Gesta Francorum’
Conor Kostick, Trinity College, Dublin

Enigmas of the ‘Gesta Francorum’
Jeanette Beer, St. Hilda’s, Oxford University

6:15-7:30         Reception

Sunday, March 30

8:30                 Registration and Coffee, 12th Floor Lounge, Lowenstein

9:00-10:00       Session 6: Plenary
Chair: Nina Rowe, Fordham University

Picturing the First Crusade and Commemorating the Fall of Jerusalem
Jaroslav Folda, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

10:15-11:45     Concurrent Sessions

7A. Women as Subjects and Vessels of Memory
Chair:  Jo Ann McNamara, Hunter College (Emerita)

Melsinde Progenitrix, She-King and Queen
Deborah Gerish, Emporia State University

The Servile Mother: Jerusalem as Woman in the Era of the Crusades
David Morris, University of Notre Dame

Suffering at Home to Recall Jerusalem: Gender, Cistercian Convents, and Crusader Families in Thirteenth-Century Champagne
Anne E. Lester, University of Colorado, Boulder

7B. Crusade, Community, and Identity
Chair:  James D. Ryan, CUNY, Bronx

Constructing Memories of Martyrdom: Portrayals of Martyrdom in the Hebrew Narratives of the First and Second Crusade
Chaviva Levin, Yeshiva University

Contentious Memories of the Prussian Crusade in the Fourteenth-Century Kingdom of Poland and Teutonic Ordensstaat
Paul Milliman, University of Arizona

Stranger than Fiction: Literature and the Crusading Mentality in Medieval Wales
Natalia I. Petrovskaia, Peterhouse, Cambridge University 

11:45-12:15     Break

12:15-1:15       Concurrent Sessions

8A. Memories of Sacred Lands: Crusade, Pilgrimage and Landscape
Chair: Paul Crawford, California University of Pennsylvania

Jerusalem, the Franciscans, and the Memory of the Crusades
Christopher MacEvitt, Dartmouth College

Cities of Memory: Ibn Battuta in the Holy Land and Constantinople
Christine Chism, Rutgers University

8B. Crusade Memory and the Authorial Image
Chair:  Susanne Hafner, Fordham University

Remembering the Crusades, Remembering the Self
Cristian Bratu, Baylor University

Sebastian Tinódi's Songs of the Turkish Wars in Hungary
Mari Dobozy, University of Utah

1:15-2:45         Lunch: Plaza Atrium, 4th Floor, Lowenstein



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