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We gratefully acknowledge funding from Dr Nancy Busch, Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Fordham University, whose on-going support has been crucial to the success of the Fordham conferences for over a decade. We also thank Dr John Harrington, dean of faculty at Fordham, and Dr Michael Latham, dean of Fordham College at Rose Hill for their significant financial contributions to this conference.  We offer special thanks to Dr Jocelyn Wogan-Browne, the Thomas and Theresa Mullarkey Chair of English Literature at Fordham University for her financial contributions and leadership in organizing the conference program. 

Further thanks go to Kirsten Brandenburg and Jeffrey Sullebarger for constructing the conference website, and to the Center's grad assistants (Louisa Foroughi and Mel Kapitan) and the grad assistants of the Interdisciplinary Programs (Nicole Andranovich, Mike Diaz and Steve Scruby) for their help with the conference. 

The conference committee members, Nina Rowe (Art History),  Nicholas Paul (History), Thomas O'Donnell (English) gave unstinting intellectual energy, time, and practical contributions to the conference and are warmly thanked by the Committee Chair. 






Image: Map of Britain by Matthew Paris, © British Library Board, BL Royal 14C vii, fol 5v reproduced by kind permission
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