The French of Outremer:
Communities and Communications in the
Crusading Mediterranean

34th Annual Conference of the Center for Medieval Studies
Fordham University, Lincoln Center Campus
Saturday, March 29-30, 2014

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Conference Program
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8:00-8:25        Registration and Coffee
12th Floor, Lowenstein Building

8:25-8:30        Welcome
Lowenstein 12th Floor Lounge
Maryanne Kowaleski, Director of Medieval Studies, Fordham University

8:30-9:30        Session 1: Plenary Lecture
Lowenstein 12th Floor Lounge
Chair: Laura Morreale, Fordham University

Laura Minervini, University of Naples
What we know and don’t yet know about Outremer French

9:30-9:40        Break

9:40-11:10      Session 2: Three Concurrent Sessions

2A.      Reforging, Recasting, Rebuilding
Lowenstein 1124
Chair: David Perry, Dominican University

Alan Stahl, Princeton University
The denier outremer

Heather Grossman, University of Illinois at Chicago
Building Identity and Community in the Methectic Morea The Architecture of the Post-Fourth Crusade Peloponnesos

Merav Mack, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
The de Biblio family: A Story of Rebellion and the Making of New Identity

2B.      Matter of Identity: Germany, England, France
Lowenstein 523
Chair: Susanne Hafner, Fordham University

Susan B. Edgington, Queen Mary University of London
Did the Franks suppress the German contribution to the First Crusade?

Sarah Stanbury, College of the Holy Cross
“Doutremer” in Chaucer’s Book of the Duchess

John Eldevik, Hamilton College
L’Outremer ou L’Orient Latin? Paul Riant and French Crusade Studies in the 19th Century

2C.      Across the Linguistic Divide

Lowenstein 524
Chair: Brian Reilly, Fordham University

Marilynn Desmond, SUNY Binghamton
The Roman de Troie in Francophone Greece

Zrinka Stahuljak, UCLA
The Pilgrim Translation Market and the Meaning of Courtoisie

Bogdan C. Smarandache, University of Toronto
‘They Speak only Frankish’ Usāma ibn Munqidh's Observations on the Language Barrier during the Crusades

11:10-11:30    Break

11:30-1:00      Session 3: Three Concurrent Sessions

3A.      Sacred Space and Ritual
Lowenstein 523
Chair:  Richard Gyug, Fordham University  

Lisa Mahoney, DePaul University
The Church of the Nativity and Islamic Aniconism

Sebastián Salvadó, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim
Crafting a Frankish Devotional Topography for Jerusalem: The Annual Processions of the Latin Canons of the Holy Sepulcher

Cara Jean Aspesi, University of Notre Dame
The 12th century Cantors of the Holy Sepulcher and the Liturgical Formation of Identity

3B.      Sites and Networks
Lowenstein 1124
Chair: Suzanne Yeager, Fordham University

Suzanne Akbari, University of Toronto
Locating the Sacred: The Holy Sites of Jerusalem in Crusader Maps and Itineraries

Sharon Kinoshita, University of California, Santa Cruz
Raimbaut de Vaqueiras and the Latin Empire in the East

David Wrisley, American University of Beirut
A Spatial and Network Analysis of Outremer in Medieval French Texts

3C.      Cultural Exchange in Cyprus
Lowenstein 524
Chair: Tia Kolbaba, Rutgers University

Jesse Izzo, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Imagining the Chivalrous Community: Presentation of the Frankish Nobility in the Gestes des Chiprois

Angel Nicolaou-Konnari, University of Cyprus
A Neglected Relationship: Leontios Makhairas’ Debt to Latin Eastern and French Historiography

Francesca Canadé Sautman, Hunter College and Graduate Center of CUNY
Waning Cultural French Identity, Political Strife and the Last Lusignan Rulers of Cyprus


1:00-2:15        Lunch (a list of local restaurants will be provided)

2:15-3:00        Session 4: Plenary Session
                        12th Floor Lowenstein Building
                        Chair: Nina Rowe, Fordham University

Barbara Drake Boehm and Melanie Holcomb, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Jerusalem 1000-1400: A First Look

3:00-3:15        Break

3:15-4:45        Session 5: Three Concurrent Sessions

5A.      Military Orders Here and There
Lowenstein 523
Chair: Clifford Rogers, United States Military Academy

Michael Peixoto, Sarah Lawrence College
Exporting Outremer: Templar Representations of Crusading Spirit in Champagne

Danielle Stewart, CUNY Graduate Center
Montfort Castle: Crusader Fortress or Country Retreat?

April Jehan Morris, Bowdoin College
Plowshares as Swords: Ideological Alignment of the Forms of Templar Warfare in the Frescoes of Le Dognon (Sud-Charente) France

5B.      Philippe de Mézières
Lowenstein 1124
Chair: Thelma Fenster, Fordham University

Andrea Tarnowski, Dartmouth College
Philippe de Mézières' Epistre lamentable et consolatoire

Anne-Hélène Miller, East Carolina University
Holy Usury and the Idea of the Crusade in Philippe de Mézières’s Songe du Vieil Pelerin

Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski University of Pittsburgh
Imagining Roles for Women in 14th-Century French Outremer Colonies: Pierre Dubois and Philippe de Mézières 

5C.      Text and Intertext
Lowenstein 524
Chair:  Thomas O’Donnell, Fordham University                  

Lars Mortensen, Centre for Medieval Literature
What makes a man? – in Latin and in French. Èracles’ rendering of William of Tyre’s ruler portraits

Marianne Ailes, University of Bristol
Outremer as a locus of redemptive suffering in French literature of the
late 12th and early 13th centuries

Philip Handyside, Stetson University
'The Old French William of Tyre in Outremer'

4:45-5:15        Break

5:15-6:45        Session 6: Three Concurrent Sessions

6A.      Made in Outremer
Lowenstein 523
Chair: Alex Novikoff, Fordham University

Bill Burgwinkle, King’s College, Cambridge
Inserting oneself into history: the many faces of Outremer

Jonathan Rubin, Open University, Jerusalem
The intellectual Activity in the Kingdom of Jerusalem
Methodological Considerations and New Directions

Uri Shachar, University of Chicago
Re-Orienting Estoires d’Outremer: The Arabic Context of the Saladin Legend

6B.      Memories of Outremer
Lowenstein 524
Chair: Jocelyn Wogan-Browne, Fordham University

R.F. Yeager, University of West Florida
L’Ordene de Chevalerie, British Library Additional MS 34114, and the Flanders Crusade

E. Jane Burns, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Mélusine of Lusignan and Armenia: Material Evidence for a “French” heroine from Outremer

Elizabeth Moodey, Vanderbilt University  
'The banner of the Saracen king' at Philip the Good's Banquet


6C.      Mediterranean Contexts
Lowenstein 1124
Chair: Sarah Kay, New York University

Eliza Zingesser, University of Ottawa
Reading Richard de Fournival's Bestiaire d'Amour in Italy

Fabio Zinelli, École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris
The French of Outremer in Italy and beyond: linguistic connections

Rachel May Golden, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Metaphors of Travel, Geography, and Circularity in Occitanian Crusade Song

6:45-7:45        Reception
Plaza Atrium, Lowenstein Building


9:00-9:15        Registration and Coffee

9:15-10:15      Session 7: Plenary Lecture
                        12th Floor Lowenstein Building
                        Chair: Nicholas Paul, Fordham University

Peter Edbury, Cardiff University
'Ernoul, Eracles and the collapse of the Kingdom of Jerusalem'

10:15-10:30    Break

10:30-12:00    Session 8: Three Concurrent Sessions

8A.      Textual Communities: Between East and West
Lowenstein 710
Chair: Caroline Smith, Independent Scholar

Christopher Rose, Fordham University
The Lion and the Stag: Romance & History on Thirteenth-Century Cyprus

Massimiliano Gaggero, Université de Tours
The Chronique d’Ernoul et de Bernard le Trésorier and Robert de Clari’s Conquête de Constantinople

Marisa Galvez, Stanford University
Outremer Up Close and Personal: The Verses of the Chronique du Templier de Tyr within the Francophone Literary Tradition

8B.      Latin Empire
Lowenstein 816
Chair: George Demacopolous, Fordham University

Teresa Shawcross, Princeton University
The Seduction of Constantinople

Anne E. Lester, University of Colorado, Boulder
The Tasks of the Translators: Relics and Communications between Constantinople and Northern France in the Aftermath of 1204

John Haines, University of Toronto
French art song in Outremer

8C.      Knights and Lords
Lowenstein 1124
Chair: Chris Given-Wilson, University of St Andrews

Nicole Hamonic, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Reynald of Châtillon Revisited: Creation of Identity

Paul Crawford, California University of Pennsylvania
Reynald of Châtillon Revisited: Unheeded Voices

Karol Polejowski, Ateneum University, Gdańsk
The unexpected career? Walter de Montbéliard in Outremer (1201-1212)


12:00-1:30      Closing Lunch
Plaza Atrium, Lowenstein Building


Venue and Parking:
The conference is being held at the Lincoln Center campus of Fordham in Manhattan, which is located at the corner of 60th Street and Columbus Avenue.  All conference sessions will be in the Leon Lowenstein building; the registration desk is located by the 12th Floor Lounge. Fordham can be reached by subway (A, B, C, D, and 1 to 59th Street at Columbus Circle), and by city bus (M5, M7, M11, M104). Reduced-rate parking is available at Prior Parking (40-50 West 61st St., between Columbus and Broadway) or at Central Parking at 345 West 58th St., between Columbus and Broadway, or at Allie Parking at 425 West 59th St., if you validate your ticket at the front security desk (ground floor) of the Lowenstein building. Fordham is also about one mile from Penn Station train station and one-half mile from the Port Authority bus station.  NYC is served by three airports: LaGuardia and JFK in New York, and Newark in New Jersey.  See the conference website at for more information on travel and lodging.


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