4-6 June 2014,
Fordham University,
New York


Conference Aims:

Discussions of religious controversy in late-medieval England have increasingly adopted a continental scope. We have begun to see how communication networks, both licit and illicit, connected England with sometimes unexpected parts of Europe; how the Wycliffites influenced, and were influenced by, continental writings; how English religious affairs drew the attention of continental observers; and how debate over Wyclif’s doctrines featured prominently at the 15th-century general councils. Seen from an even broader perspective, late-medieval English religious politics was both integrated with and stood in tense relation to that of continental Europe (as had long been the case). In other words, England was never as insular as some have thought it to be.

This conference aims to explore intersections—the points at which Wycliffism and English religious controversy meet with broader social, cultural, historical, literary, and material issues of European significance. One purpose of this gathering is to examine the place of L/lollard studies in terms of wider concerns in Europe, though not all papers are expected to address L/lollardy or Wycliffism directly. This meeting will also provide a forum for re-examining the mission of the Lollard Society, its current emphases and future directions.

Conference Organizers:

Michael Van Dussen (michael.vandussen@mcgill.ca)
&  J. Patrick Hornbeck II (hornbeck@fordham.edu

Sponsors: The Lollard Society, Fordham University, McGill University

Made possible by a generous grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada


**The submission date for papers has passed, please check this space for program updates!**


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