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Medieval Studies Lecture Series
Fall 2001

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September 28

Dr. Helmut Puff

The Close Encounter Between Matrimony and Sodomy
in Late Medieval and Reformation Germany

Keating Hall 124

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October 29

Dr. Roland Teske, S.J.

William of Auvergne as Heir to Avicenna

Music Room, McGinley Center

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November 6

Dr. Susan Crane, Rutgers University

Ritual and Diplomacy: Richard II and Charles VI Perform an Alliance

Music Room, McGinley Center

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December 5

Dr. Norman Tanner, S.J., Oxford University

and Professor Shannon McSheffrey, Concordia University

English Protestants Before the Reformation? The Lollards of Coventry 1486-1522

Music Room, McGinley Center


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