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For questions about majoring or minoring in Medieval Studies, contact Dr Susanne Hafner, the MVST Undergraduate chair


The Medieval Studies major explores the legacy of the Middle Ages, a period central to our understanding of both the past and the present. Through interdisciplinary study of medieval art, history, language, literature, music and ways of though and religion, students develop an integrated understanding of medieval civilization.

Required Courses for the Major

The major consists of 10 courses drawn from seven departments: art history and music, classics, English, history, modern languages and literatures, philosophy, and theology. Six courses are required, as follows:

  • Introduction to Medieval History (HS 1300)
  • One course in each of the following areas:
    • Medieval Art or Music
    • Medieval Literature
    • Medieval Philosophy
    • Medieval Theology
  • One course in a medieval language:
    • Classical or Medieval Latin
    • Old English
    • Old French
  • Another medieval language in consultation with the director
  • Four other electives are chosen by the student from the medieval offerings of the participating departments and the medieval studies program.

As a Double Major

Students who choose Medieval Studies as a double major also complete 10 courses, including four required courses:

  • HS 1300
  • One Medieval Literature or Language course (Latin, Old English, Old French)
  • One Medieval Philosophy or Theology course
  • One Medieval Art or Music History course

Students also choose six electives, two of which may be drawn from the medieval courses they take for the second major.

Required Courses for the Minor

A minor consisting of six courses is also possible. To complete a minor, the student is required to take:

  • HS 1300
  • One course in each of the following areas:
    • Medieval Literature
    • Medieval Philosophy or Theology
    • Medieval Art or Music History or a Medieval Language
  • Two electives from among the medieval courses offerings of the participating departments.

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