Crossing on SS Normandie: Paris to New York Between the Wars

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Normandie traversed the ocean during a period of great social and economic turmoil: the Great Depression.  The 1930s, as a decade, opened a new view of the world for the population at large, and broadened the definition the word "modern."  Normandie, the epitome of the Art Deco style, provided a unique venue for the escapist mindset of the people living in the Great Depression, fueled by the transatlantic imaginings of Hollywood and the silver screen.  This section attempts to summarize, albeit briefly, the influences that the time period and culture of the United States during the Great Depression influenced the popularity of Normandie.


What is 'Modern?'
by Sophie Stanish

We Don't Live Here Anymore
by Sophie Stanish

Selling the Lure of the New and Foreign: Hollywood in the 1930s
by Sophie Stanish

Fred and Ginger: America’s Sweethearts
by Sophie Stanish

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