Crossing on SS Normandie: Paris to New York Between the Wars

The Ship
Art Deco and Cities
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This final section of our project will discuss travel after the golden age of the luxury liner. The section will begin with a retelling of Normandie’s fate, a tragic fire at New York City’s Pier 88. The three subsequent essays will address Normandie’s effect on maritime travel today. The advancement of aviation led to the demise of the luxury liner as a means of transatlantic travel, but the luxury liner still exists in popular culture today in the form of the cruise ship. Today’s cruise ships carry many of the features that Normandie introduced to luxury sea travel, and an investigation of these ships will show that Normandie, though it met a tragic fate in 1942, is still vital in shaping luxury maritime travel.


A Tragic Ending
by Maureen Sweet

Normandie as a Metaphor for the Luxury Liner Industry
by Maureen Sweet

Normandie and Modern Cruise Ship Design
by Maureen Sweet

The Fate of Ocean Travel
by Maureen Sweet

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