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Frequently Asked Questions: If I believe I am the victim of bias or discrimination…

READ BELOW AND, FOR MORE INFORMATION, Link to the related policy in the student handbook for your campus: ROSE HILL  |  LINCOLN center

In accordance with its mission, Fordham University welcomes and respects the fundamental dignity of students, faculty and staff from all backgrounds and identities, strives to create a community that does the same and facilitates the education and development of students as men and women for and with others. Bias-related incidents and hate crimes are unacceptable and antithetical to these goals as they send a powerful message of intolerance and discrimination, disrupt the community and educational environment and erode standards of civility.
Use this Frequently Asked Question Guide to learn more about how you can find assistance if you have experienced bias.
How can I tell someone at Fordham that an incident has occurred?
Students who believe they have been the victim of bias or discrimination are strongly encouraged to report these situations so that Fordham staff members can help. There are a number of ways to do so:
  • IN-PERSON: an array of staff members are here to help.
    -come to the Department of Public Safety and speak to a public safety supervisor.
    -tell any member of the University staff in any office on campus. Staff in Residential Life, Multicultural Affairs and Student Leadership and Community Development can assist you.
    -if you live on campus, tell staff where you live: your resident assistant, freshman mentor, resident director.
    -if you are a commuter, tell your commuter assistant/commuter freshman mentor 
These reports will be shared with both the Department of Public Safety and the Dean of Students for your campus and staff from these offices and student life will respond to assist you.
    -call Public Safety on your campus: Rose Hill 718.817.2222 or Lincoln Center 212.636.6076.
    -the Dean of Students office for your campus: Rose Hill 718.817.4755 or Lincoln Center 212.636.6250. The Dean of Students will work with Public Safety to investigate the incident.
  • ONLINE: sign onto the portal and you will find a confidential non-emergency reporting tool you can use to report any incident including bias, discrimination or other incidents.
  • CONFIDENTIALLY: you can confidentially discuss the situation and the options available with a member of the Fordham Counseling and Psychological Services and/or Campus Ministry staff without filing an official complaint.
What happens after I report an incident?
When a member of the administrative staff is notified of a potential bias or discrimination incident, he/she is obligated by law to notify supervisors and ultimately the Department of Public Safety. However, the response will be handled sensitively and discreetly to protect your privacy. Once an incident is reported, if they wish, students can be connected with support from other staff and offices in the University, including Residential Life, Multicultural Affairs, Counseling and Psychological Services and Campus Ministry among others. It is important to keep in mind that we will respond in a way that protects your privacy and preferences. However, Public Safety may be required for legal or safety reasons to interview you and conduct an investigation in conjunction with the Dean of Students. The Department of Public Safety sends the completed incident report to the appropriate Dean of Students to be handled in the University’s student conduct process and students found responsible for a violation of the code of conduct of university regulations will be sanctioned
Do I have to make an official report?
While all victims are encouraged to report incidents to the Department of Public Safety, the Dean of Students, a member of the Residential Life staff or another member of the University’s administrative staff so that Fordham can respond, there may be times when you simply want to get personal assistance or talk about an incident. Clinical staff in Counseling and Psychological Services and pastoral counselors in Campus Ministry can help privately and are not obligated to report incidents unless there is an imminent threat to safety. Staff in these areas will provide support and fully inform you about your options for reporting.
If I do make a formal report with the University, do I have to go to the police?
No, but if you decide to report it to the police, the University will accompany you to the New York City Police Department. Fordham University encourages any student who is the victim of a felony to notify the Department of Public Safety immediately and to work with them to report the felony to the NYPD. In certain cases, the University is required by statute to notify local law enforcement. Students always have the right to report any alleged crime to law enforcement directly.
Do other people have to know about the incident?
Some bias and discrimination incidents are more public than others. Awareness in a residence hall of vandalism in the community may be more widespread than a private incident between two individuals. The University will make every reasonable effort to respond sensitively to your report and will work to assure that the community is not made aware of a private incident. Investigations coordinated by the Department of Public Safety and the Dean of Students office will proceed with measures to protect your privacy.Keep in mind that public incidents may make measures like investigation, community notification and education necessary, but the University will provide support to you throughout the process.

How does the University respond to the potential impact on the community?
The Bias Incident Resource Group (BIRG) is comprised of administrators within the division of student affairs at Fordham University. Consistent with Fordham’s mission and commitment to diversity, the purpose of the group is to promote an environment of care, inclusion, respect and moral reflection. Following a bias related incident, BIRG will engage and empower all members of the community through mutual education, support, and shared dialogue.
What if the incident involves a staff or faculty member?
You may use any of the reporting options listed above, but response will be handled by a staff member called the “Title IX Coordinator.” The Title IX Coordinator for the University is Anastasia Coleman, the Director of Institutional Equity and Compliance/Title IX Coordinator (, 718-817-3112, Administration Building 114). The Department of Public Safety and the Dean of Students will coordinate and assist in the investigation conducted by this office into any complaints involving staff or faculty, as well as, play the main role in providing support for you separate from the investigation.
Where can I see how many violations of Fordham’s bias-related incidents and hate crime policy are reported?
All crime statistics reported to Fordham are, in turn, reported to the community and the federal government. The Department of Public Safety keeps crime statistics for the campus and surrounding areas, is required to report these statistics to the federal government (anyone can find the data here: and will provide statistics to any interested member of the community (phone: 718.817.2222). All crime statistics are also shared with faculty, staff and students on an annual basis and student media such as the student newspapers routinely review incident reports and publish items from which names and identifying information have been removed for privacy.
Where can I see Fordham’s policies on bias incidents, discrimination and hate crimes?
The Student Handbook ( University Regulations section and via the Bias FAQ page at
Who should I contact with any questions about the policies and process in this FAQ?
The best source of information on policies related to bias and discrimination incidents is the Dean of Students for your campus:
          Rose Hill Dean of Students:               718.817.4755
          (also responsible for Calder Center)
          Lincoln Center Dean of Students:      212.636.6250
          (also responsible for Westchester Campus)
Students are also encouraged to speak with a member of the Department of Public Safety, Residential Life, Student Leadership and Community Development, and Multicultural Affairs.
 Updated: August 28, 2014

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