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Dean of Students and Rose Hill Student Life

Christopher Rodgers, Dean of Students
Rose Hill

Fordham University strives to provide a campus culture of the highest intellectual standards and the highest standards of character, compassion and character. As a Jesuit Catholic University, Fordham is committed to the idea education is meant to train the whole person. As the intellect is trained in the classroom, full participation in the community on and off campus develop the lifelong habits of heart that prepare each student for service after leaving our gates. To assist in achieving the University's particularly Ignatian mission to train men and women for others, the many offices, programs and services in student life are devoted to the ideals in the student affairs mission, and are committed to both caring for and challenging students outside the classroom:


Functionally, the Dean of Students is responsible for an area of Student Affairs referred to as Student Life. This area encompasses, among a number of other programs and offices:

Through these offices and others, the Dean of Students and the University partner with students to create a rich and varied culture of participation on our campus as well as within the City of New York, a place of nearly limitless opportunity for learning.

Through the work of involvement, students not only fully realize their educational potential, but also assist in the operation and decision-making of our University. Dedicated students working in areas as various as student government, community service, campus ministry, the resident assistant staff, New Student Orientation or special interest clubs and organizations educate others while being educated themselves. Each student helps to advance the core mission of the university through devoted service and by becoming educators as well as students. Student life staff strive to work closely with students to find these opportunities while themselves serving students as living examples of the lives we hope students will someday lead themselves.

The various policies and processes for which Student Life is responsible are meant themselves to be infused with educational value and to strengthen an intellectual community which balances rights with responsibilities. The Dean of Students works with the Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life and the Associate Director for Judicial Affairs to oversee the Judicial Affairs processes that help to educate students on this vital balance. In establishing high standards through policies from the University Code of Conduct to the Non-discrimination Policy, the Sexual Harassment Policy, and the University Alcohol Policy, our University hopes to effectively train men and women for and with others. In turn, these responsible citizens may assure the same qualities in future generations. More information can be found in all these areas in our Student Handbook.

All members of our community are invited to reach out to the Dean of Students or any member of the Student Life staff with questions, concerns or for assistance.

 Reviewed August 2013

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