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With patience and respect, the less-experienced will be urged to examine parochial assumptions. At the same time, the values that underpin the community and the professional approaches of staff will encourage the development of first principles to guide students through a life of service to family, friends, and community.
-Division of Student Affairs Mission

The University has certain responsibilities outlined in the Student Handbook, related to the student adjudication process. Essentially, these are:

  1. to inform the student of the alleged violations and
  2. to provide the student with a hearing.

The judicial hearing provides you with the opportunity to provide your side of the incident reported to the hearing officer. The hearing officer is most often the resident director. The dean of students or other student life staff, most often the assistant dean of students or the associate director of residential life for judicial affairs, conduct hearings for more serious incidents, however. The same basic procedures are followed by hearing officers in most cases.

As Fordham's adjudication process is meant to be educational, there is generally much more to the Judicial Hearing than the basics outlined above, however.

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