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The Judicial Process

The Judicial Process

Note: this page is meant to help explain the judicial or adjudication process but is not exhaustive. For full and official detail, please review The Student Handbook.

The flowchart attached helpfully describes the typical judicial process for the majority of students.  The University process, at its most basic, entails two steps:
  1. informing the student of the alleged violations and
  2. providing the student with a hearing.
The Student Life area, however, seeks to add value to the basic process described above by providing an educational adjudication process that supports and fulfills our Mission to care for students while holding each to high standards of personal conduct. These high standards, a necessary complement to the high standards found in a Jesuit Catholic university's classroom, are meant to assure that we train men and women for others, produce leaders in service and bring to the work good citizens who leave us better people than when each arrived.

These pages are meant to help students understand this process more fully and to offer some advice for navigating it. While most cases are heard by the resident director, serious cases are heard by the associate director for judicial affairs, the assistant dean of student or the dean of students.

This flowchart gives a basic sense of how Fordham's judicial process works:

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