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It is with great pleasure that I welcome the Class 2017—students and parents—to Fordham University. All of us in Rose Hill’s Student Life area are looking forward to seeing you at the Summer Orientation Programs, the main Orientation in September and all of the other events we have planned for the fall.

Here at Fordham, the Dean of Students is mainly concerned with the education students receive outside the classroom—an area broadly called Student Life. As Fordham is a university, the intellectual life is the core of our enterprise. As we are a university in the Jesuit Catholic tradition, learning is not meant to cease at the threshold of the classroom, but is meant to continue in “the classroom outside the classroom” we build for and with our students on our campus here in the Bronx. Each of you, from the moment you arrive, will be invited and expected to take part in the complete education offered through participation in life at Rose Hill. This education comes through many and sometimes surprising experiences—from the conversation you may have with your Resident Assistant, to the work you do to plan an event with the Campus Activities Board, to the rush to make a deadline writing a story for the student newspaper—all that you do outside the classroom here at Fordham is an important part of educating you as a whole person, heart and mind. This kind of strong participation inside and outside the classroom is what sets a Fordham student apart, and the high standard set by previous classes of students should be obvious when you arrive—first and foremost among the impressive men and women we have chosen to serve as Orientation Leaders and Resident Assistants.

High standards are also a priority for the Dean of Students and the staff with whom the Dean works in the Residential Life, Student Leadership and Community development and Alcohol and Other Drug Education Offices. How we treat one another, ourselves and our community during the next four years will signal the kind of parents, workers, leaders and citizens we will be when we leave Fordham with diploma in hand. That diploma is the University’s word that you have lived and will continue to live to a high standard of personal conduct—a standard worthy of a Fordham graduate. All of us in Student Life look forward to sharing what this means over the next four years, and hope you will be a part of the ongoing conversation on the kind of community Fordham should be in the years to come.

Once again, welcome to our community. I am sure you will quickly accept our invitation to make it yours as well, and I look forward to seeing you and your parents in the coming months.

Christopher Rodgers
Dean of Students

Updated August 2013


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